Reflective Feedback

So I generally felt like happy with our final project for Integrative. We collectively as a group came together and combined the bits and pieces of our interest and in one way or another incorporated it into our final project, hence integrative. 

we put hardcore parkour, post-human form, architecture into our final project, and presented the gravity boots. 

Here is the first comment of our feedback. Initially they are questioning the hair. It is intentionally to be this way. It is the gravity system that acts on the skin of the person, this includes their hair, to be gravitationally attracted to their foot which is acting as the ground. And that is why their hair points to the their feet.

for the overlapping part of the poster we didn’t see it. Maybe we stood a bit too far to the left to see the poster. But next time let them see the entire thing from one spot rather than being blocked.

This is the one that we didn’t take to account for the installation. We thought that it was enough to convey the idea of walking on on the wall from the ground to the ceiling. but looking at it now it is clearly showing that this is not how a person would walk onto the ceiling. First of all the right foot on the ground is too close to the wall and the left foot on the wall is too close to the ground. Together combined it is impossible to to walk like this. It seems so obvious now which makes me sad that i didnt see this in the first place.

This is something we did in the last minute. almost in the last 5 minute…
But I accept this criticism. This was the least planned thing on the installation because we discovered that we didn’t have our names on our project and we  hastily printed a small thing and attached it to the bottom corner of our poster..

This part I personally felt like it was being nit picky. Yes it is part of the installation but I felt like it was irrelevant enough. But next time i will make sure that this will not happen. As it as the only that really stood out.

This learning part of installation is interesting. Because you have control of what your audience is going to experience. Maybe if we put an X on the ground to witness our installation from a specific angle would made a difference. And clean the small problems like the blue tack or the placement of the feet. 

One small thing that I really liked what we did is that we held down the zipper down with blue tack to show nothing is being pulled downwards.

The best part of this assignment is that as a group we overcome the problems we initially have. We had a mannequin with no head no arms and  part of the thigh. We cut some wood planks, made joints, pape rmache the head, painted it, stuffed the legs with paper to give the legs some meat, stuffed the arms of a jacket and placed the hands in the jacked hand place to hide the fact that it dint have hands, glued and sprayed the hair with hair spray so much that it is probably a safety hazard for being so flammable. and lastly attach her to the beams above the ceiling panels so she looks like upside down,

Over all it was a good semester.




Integrative Practices

With the invention of our gravity system, the architecture of the future would change. All surfaces would be made more secure and sturdy, able to support a human’s weight, and furniture would begin to be installed on all surfaces, couches on the ceiling, tables on the walls, rooms would be able to be lived in on any surface. We also suspect that the height of rooms would also change, twice as high so that people would be able to walk on both the ceiling and floor and not walk into each other. However, there is still the problem that all the other items in the room would be affected by gravity, so you would not be able to put any items down on any of the other surfaces. This could lead to a new range of furniture/items that would generate their own gravity.

Space saving is the future

Head, shoulder, knees and toes

These are the photos of the shoe, the sole, Jamie’s head and us trying to combine the mannequin with legs and stuffed it with paper to give it legs and arms.
we made the face by paper mache, by AJ and Alana, around an inflated Balloon. Kavita, painted the face and made the eyes slight offset to prevent it from staring at you, helps not feeling stared at.
We then bought some Shoes at Number One Shoe Warehouse and we painted the shoes silver as we all know the future is chrome.

We then Got the mannequin on Level 10 on the WG building and were told we weren’t really allowed to  modify the mannequin, like drilling which made it hard for us to create the legs but we got around it by machining some wood to act like a pivot as the knees and made some groves to tie a rope and around the hips of the mannequin. We then stuffed the pants with paper to give it ‘meat’. Lucky the on the lower part of the mannequin had holes where we could attach the legs

it also had no arms and hands and we got around it by a sweatshirt and stuffing it with paper and making the hands go inside the sweatshirt to be less formal.

The sole of the shoes is drawn by kavita on black foam. The shoe is attached to the mannequin by lots of hot glue and the head is attached by a wire running around her neck and arms.

what we learned is that Jamie has a lot of rope burns


There is something interesting that happened in our impromptu showcase for our idea in class. When we were designing our speculative object, i am not sure if we did too much or not enough, which is a strange problem,  we made had 3 unique objects food growing out of people, cheese moon, and post-human form to help parkour around the city. Then we broke down our third one and decided to turn it into a gravity system that allows a person walk on walls. But before we got to the gravity system, we made another 3 ideas of what we wanted to make, another 3 ways of climbing walls, we had a gyro spherical ball that was used to ascend up walls

we had suction shoes as another prototype complete with brae to help keep a person upright walking on walls

and lastly our gravity prototype

but during the mock showcase people commented we had too much in our table. the image set above. We thought this is what is being asked of us. Three then 1 then three then 1. But some people in class said it was too much even one lecturer commented that it was too much and that people didnt see whats going on. And we did see what the other groups are doing. They have one to showcase. Maybe we didnt do enough that we didnt pick one point or we expeanded too much when we should have our final project by now

but now we know what we are doing



The basic concept of colab is imagining for the future. But as  I am a cynical man and that most of my survey suggest that most people are all only to look out for themselves, it is interesting what the world, doing something out of the good of their heart really takes people. And i would really like to incorporate something like this in my final outcome. My main focus for my final studio project is how to integrate homeless people back into society. Initially i wanted a mandatory program that forced homeless people and non-homeless people to have dinner to force a connection. But when I found out that no one really wants to sit down with a stranger, especially with one we associate failure with, ie, homelessness. It then became prevalent that people only really wanted to say that they are helping people, to make themselves better, mostly in the form of donating. So this really helped me open what i am looking for.

So I decided to propose something for homeless people. What do they really need? Looking at my interview, it saw that most of them are willing to work. Although they only said it ant not really acted about their desires, as it is said that it is easy to say than do. I broke down what the thing I am trying to create. An artifact that allows then to make money and therefore becomes their job? Or give them a job that will earn them money? They might sound similar, but I think there is a distinct difference between the two statements. The first one, give them something that will allow them to earn money maybe donations? And the side effect is a job. The other sentence is that my main goal is to  allow them to become a useful member of society and therefore get paid. and the side effect is money?

I would like to focus on the second sentence. Give them a job and the money will be a side effect. For many people, a fulfilling job is very beneficial and help them keep off the street. But since they are homeless people, they don’t really have much desirable skills, useful skills that company and people would want working for them. I would like to imagine a dark and uncomfortable advancement for the year 2076. The big problem with many AIs is that for example Siri from the Apple phone, it is incredibly buggy when it comes to try understanding speech from people. Auckland is easily translated to Oakland. as i imagine it, for the year 2076, it is still complicated to create a fully independent AI. They could be close but I think they won’t be there yet. 

 i want to Take homeless people and use their brains as the computer, as the processor in a computer. The homeless person will be brought into a facility, be then plugged into a machine and their brains will then become a computer. as a human, we can detect emotions, we can detect speech patterns more accurately than a computer currently can. For each uploaded homeless person, there is an equivalent ball arc interface that people will interact with.

  and this interface I called, Pida. loosely connected to the Greek word for hope. This interface will be in people’s homes. it will be in libraries, shopping centers cars. Connected through the internet, and These Pidas will be able to communicate with each other as a giant mesh of individual computers connected in a giant network. As for one ethical concern is the privacy issue. invasion of the user’s privacy etc etc. personally I think privacy is non-existent nowadays but that is beside the point. The way these things will work is that at the end of each day the homeless people will be drained of their memory. As a sort of read-only mode. They are only being used to calculate, understand, and complete task but will not retain any prevalent information, names, address weight except privacy concerns that are already approved such as the spending habits of people that allow companies to give them tailored ads.

the other things that I am trying to pinpoint for myself are, what is integration, what is the desired state? Initially I want homeless and non-homeless citizens to be able to sit down in dinner and force a connection. But I quickly found that no one wanted that. I then thought of ways trying to force a connection of giving and take. Instead of a one-way transaction, the homeless person will get paid with dinner with a person or family in exchange for let’s say cleaning cars. But I felt this was not 2076 enough, IT felt too bland and really could happen now and not speculative enough. so Then I took what I saw in my data. people didn’t even want to order a human looking thing that is why i was forced to make a geometrical object closer to a nonhuman form, AI. People are more inclined to order a nonhuman thing because they are built for that?

i think it is enough as the solution for integration as a job, they become desirable and maybe even become important as they become integrated in our everyday lives? 

But i did want to play with this because this is incredibly dark, it is not looking to the bright future and not something people would want to see. But if this becomes true, if it becomes something important, does it become acceptable? does it become something of an everyday thing? This is weird. But i think this is the only acceptable technology. People will reject this initially but i think it could become a thing. it partially solves the issues of the homeless people because there is still that barrier. Maybe homelessness no longer becomes a problem. maybe the prejudice comes in the form of Pidas. Whoever is a Pida is considered dirty or something.

but to me this is what accomplishment looks like because it is not a 100 percent solution, it is a give and take that really questions people’s morality. its not hurting anyone. its not doing any harm. in fact, by participating in this, you are giving homeless people jobs. But is this the same as the sweatshop issue?
you buy $200 Nikes that was made somewhere in an Asian country in a sweatshop. You are giving them jobs they become important in a western country. But you see for one side to enjoy a luxurious life, someone has to suffer, work long hours with minimal pay to wear your designer boots. But no one looks at this anymore. And maybe in the future, no one will know that there are even people behind this Pida.

just a poster that Antonio and I worked on to visualise what i want by final outcome to answer or what i falls into

Neutron Star

As the name suggest, the shoe contains mostly neutron atoms surrounded in a near material vacuum state. Though as the name suggest, it is not from a star but is made up of the same things. It is a high density object comprising of mainly neutrons in a superfluid configuration which is stopped by the neutron degeneracy pressure to prevent it being a black hole
It is the high density object we needed to simulate the effects of gravity on the surface the user is standing on, whether it be standing on the wall or ceiling.

The shoe works in unison with the Star to create perfect harmony and balance that allows the user to walk on walls and on the ceiling. This is done by the contact surface of the shoe communicating with the star enabling it to only gravitationally attract  up to 5 atoms deep on the surface to make sure that no objects on the other side is attracted to the shoe


The shoe is paired with the headpiece. The head piece comes in different designs to suit your needs. They communicate through the quantum fluctuation in the Aether, the lower state of energy after the vacuum energy, with the Black Current as its charge/force propagator. This mitigates how the gravity from the Star in the shoe affect your whole body and the things around you. Instead of a gravitational field propagating outwards from the shoe, this works by limiting the gravitational field to an invisible thin layer on the user’s skin. This allows for the application of interacting with things by holding on to objects but not flying to your head if you are near a knife.



my block 3 and block 4 blogging have been absolutely atrocious. It has been a combination of both lacking interest, and just being generally an unexpected difficulty that was encountered when doing this assignment. I’m not sure if I am the one to blame to inadvertently picking such a wicked problem to tackle when the initial brief only said, think of a thing for the year 2076 and it lead me to how to integrate homeless people back into society through augmentation.

Initially, my favourite prototype the is the one that had a screen interface in homes connected to screens in places where there is high amount of homeless people. I only tackled one this one for the prototype block because it is the only one that i thought had any future as my other ones seems lack luster compared to the ones that was presented in class.

i then dissected my what made my proposal work, integrating homeless people through augmentations/technology. In other words, what happens to or where will  homeless people go or be in the year 2076

i then prototyped this finding what people want in their homes. As it is the culture, people dont want servers generally in their homes, especially if they were homeless, even if they were taught or augmented to make them desirable. it is the trust issue that is the heart of the problem, not really sure how they will interact with them even with desirable augmentations.

i am now focusing on what form will the helper be in the home and maybe somehow make a connection between the home family and the homeless servant in any form.

this was interesting because i was met with almost all negative feedback with the idea of homeless helper. But when i spoke to the TAs they all said that the audience dont know what they want, they dont want anything that is not familiar. The goal is not to listen to the audience, it is to convince them that having a homeless person butler helper in your home is worth getting. Not just dropping the project because they dont like it.