Reflective Feedback

So I generally felt like happy with our final project for Integrative. We collectively as a group came together and combined the bits and pieces of our interest and in one way or another incorporated it into our final project, hence integrative. 

we put hardcore parkour, post-human form, architecture into our final project, and presented the gravity boots. 

Here is the first comment of our feedback. Initially they are questioning the hair. It is intentionally to be this way. It is the gravity system that acts on the skin of the person, this includes their hair, to be gravitationally attracted to their foot which is acting as the ground. And that is why their hair points to the their feet.

for the overlapping part of the poster we didn’t see it. Maybe we stood a bit too far to the left to see the poster. But next time let them see the entire thing from one spot rather than being blocked.

This is the one that we didn’t take to account for the installation. We thought that it was enough to convey the idea of walking on on the wall from the ground to the ceiling. but looking at it now it is clearly showing that this is not how a person would walk onto the ceiling. First of all the right foot on the ground is too close to the wall and the left foot on the wall is too close to the ground. Together combined it is impossible to to walk like this. It seems so obvious now which makes me sad that i didnt see this in the first place.

This is something we did in the last minute. almost in the last 5 minute…
But I accept this criticism. This was the least planned thing on the installation because we discovered that we didn’t have our names on our project and we  hastily printed a small thing and attached it to the bottom corner of our poster..

This part I personally felt like it was being nit picky. Yes it is part of the installation but I felt like it was irrelevant enough. But next time i will make sure that this will not happen. As it as the only that really stood out.

This learning part of installation is interesting. Because you have control of what your audience is going to experience. Maybe if we put an X on the ground to witness our installation from a specific angle would made a difference. And clean the small problems like the blue tack or the placement of the feet. 

One small thing that I really liked what we did is that we held down the zipper down with blue tack to show nothing is being pulled downwards.

The best part of this assignment is that as a group we overcome the problems we initially have. We had a mannequin with no head no arms and  part of the thigh. We cut some wood planks, made joints, pape rmache the head, painted it, stuffed the legs with paper to give the legs some meat, stuffed the arms of a jacket and placed the hands in the jacked hand place to hide the fact that it dint have hands, glued and sprayed the hair with hair spray so much that it is probably a safety hazard for being so flammable. and lastly attach her to the beams above the ceiling panels so she looks like upside down,

Over all it was a good semester.



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