so this is a kickstarter for some 3 dimensional headphones from OSSIC and if i am not broke i would love to have it haha. it is an amazing technology.

as a person who loves music headphones are essential to me so i look at this technology and i believe it is a revolution of how headphones should be in the future.

sound first began as mono then for the longest time stereo where you can tell where the sound is coming from left or right, but with 3D an extra dimension of up and down is the next level especially knowing where the enemies are coming from… if from CT or Cat…



so its 29/2/2016 and its almost 8:30, i was just reviewing the day. Made a couple of friends (for the projects hehe).

Today was not that fun, mostly talking about expectation, etiquette and all that stuff. 

The lecturers asked about what we expect from the course and what we think universities are and i have a basic idea but i still want to know more i want to know what makes me think BCT is the one

This is my journal for the start of my BCT and i want something to do to increase my creativity since i am not by default a creative person. like once a week. like a drawing or something or videos that i find cool or technology or innovation and just place it here

signing out Franz