What Needs to be done

Coming off the high thinking that I might not able to finish Studio paperwork because the lecturers didn’t know what to mark based on my project, I was able to calm down and talk to them again and really understand what they are asking of me.

Speaking with them I am able to break down what I am planning to submit to them. As I think of the best of Colab has to offer, two students come to mind @SamHunt and @TomGonzalez. These two students in my year are some of the best students here and I am always inspired their work and approach. They focus on UX/UI and its process and particularly one of their submission last semester was very impressive. It was a project about a new website for Arion (AUT’s website for students to enroll and other paperwork things). Their process and how they handled the testing of the users is something to admire

So what does this have to do with me?

One of the major discussion with the lecturers is what I will be marked on, so the goal is to submit a book that explains the history and story of Convo, its past, current stage and future ideas, as well as the testing that I have conducted to compare the capabilities of Conv-O with the different implementation and how it compares to the way people do meetings currently.




There has been an issue with my blogging in that I haven’t been blogging. More or less the excuses are that there was a lot to do. But no one wants to hear an excuse.

Starting from when we left off. It has been problematic in the sense that there was one glaring issue of my studio project according to my lecturers. They were not sure of where is my contribution to the project.

It was one of the scariest things that have happened to me recently as I was being called into question what is my project, or more specifically, which part of the project I am going to be marked off.

But for my sake, apparently, I overreacted more than anything which is better for me at least as I was half convinced that I was not going to be able to graduate.

I am able to confirm with my lecturers what I need to do.


Preparing for the CRUNCH

We are nearing the completion of the first half of the second semester and it is ramping up.

Next week there is a presentation in front of the class regarding the progress of the project and my project is still progressing very nicely. Speaking in class again I can’t help but think the people/class will only know me as the one person who got away with making the same project over the course of 2 years but at the very least when it is presented for November it will finally look like a project that has been in development over the course of 2 years.

The development phase is close to finishing and now we are looking at recruiting people for the testing phase for when we come back from the break in around 3 weeks. So yeah it is becoming more real as the days roll by and my expectation for the project and rises so yeah.

In terms of the development, most of the front end is done. Most of the buttons for adding people, agenda/topics, removing topics timers for both individual bubbles and timers for the overall meeting is done and adding the classifier for customisation for the Natural Language Classifier

We are also halfway in the reporting and its design.

The plan is going to plan, which is nice for once

Week 4 – Blast

Time is fleeting by as week 4 arrives and it is genuinely terrifying. How fast it arrives and how quickly time flows by. It is as if time is both slow and fast at the same time.

Studio Conv-O

Report was drafted by me and discussed with the rest of the team as decide what information/data/stats/graph to display as part of the report. We used the last week from Tuesday to research which was expensive in time because it was a not planned event therefore the whole development was put on hold as this is important.

But I personally believe that it was an imporant event for us to fully understand what we want to convey as again the purpose of this semseter is find the identity of Conv-O, what reason does it exist for? Why does it need to exisit? is it addressing anything? And this research is a step in that direction. Especially in what is already out there. Minutes taken from a meeeting is necessary in a high level meeeting and someone recording it. Information such as who attended, whos is absent, the agenda/topics of meeting, executive summary and can vary beyond the  different kind minute format. Is Conv-O replacing minutes? how different are we compared to minutes? How much information I want to show?

The power of Conv-O is the data it caputures and how we process and clean that data and what data we show will be the power of Conv-O. We can’t show everything so for now it is an early estimation of what I think should go on the report but when the important user testing happens it still can all change.

Time Skip

Today is another studio day. It was an interesting sleep though, thought I failed 1 paper gave me a panic.

This is the video for the video we were supposed to make to breakdown the projet

After some studio talk with my lecturers, there was a question regarding bringing my group to studio for my lecturers to meet. Possibly a good idea.

Current update about the project is that there was a font used for the menu when used it looks really really bad which I can only describe as some sort of assault to the eyes

So it has to be changed to caviar dreams which was my original font with bold to give the menu some sort of importance.

This week for the project my goal is to understand what our output is going to be. Because we have a lot of data. Transcribed conversation or sentiment analysis. My research is to understand what I am going to show. so i am going to play around the latest version and understand what needs to show.

Might ask people as well what they want in a meeting.


Week 2 Tuseday Mornin

Semester trucking along quite nicely and I have been trying to really incorporate all the things I have learned so far and really focus on the things that I need to get better at.

Even today, this morning, one of the biggest feeling that I have is that I am running out of time. Whether if someone comes up with the same idea that I have been cultivating for these last 2 years, or I won’t have enough time to complete all the things I have committed myself for this semester.

Personally, for this semester I am beginning work as a Software Developer focusing on AI and ML after finishing early an internship that I got over the break between semester. It is strange to reach the place you have been aiming for and for you to finally arrive and see that there is a whole new thing to do and the new world/landscape to see. All the thing you have been doing and seeing will change and it is this transition is so surreal with no words for expression, at least for me.

I think the best way to describe this feeling is beginning with your earliest memory of education. You begin young while simultaneously looking up at the people older than you while growing and before you know it you finish primary, begin young again at secondary and then become year 13/ 18 years old being thrust into the ‘real world’. My path took me to university and you begin young wondering if you will ever graduate and then you are in your final semester wondering what life will look like working.

There is this cycle of young and then before you know it you’re old. I guess right now I am preparing to be young again and hopefully become someone worth looking up to.

This semester I really want to embrace what it means to be a student learner for life. As a creative technologist, I am still learning to learn every day and trying to remember the words of the late great innovator and futurist that is Steve Jobs,

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish


If I were to die today, would I be doing the best I can?

I really think these two statements from his Harvard Commencement speech is really something to embrace and it is something that I have latched on to and been trying to apply these ideas with myself.

I never have experienced or remember experiencing growing pains but being 24 today I feel it now. To be better about myself there are things that I would personally call sacrifices. It is playing games. I need to be better about myself and really improve the amount of time I spend playing. Like any good addiction, it is not something easy for me to give up making me completely jealous of people who never really played games and there are some who I have come to know. I have spoken with someone who spent their youth with CoD who one day cold stopped playing after recognising all the sources of his distraction and proceeded to delete Netflix as well after realising that it also contributed to his distraction. One thing he said that saying I will play intermittently, did not work making me wonder if I need to the same thing to really control my destiny.

I don’t know why I became obsessed with time and its effects on me and my life but it became important recently in my decision making the most of things and making sure that I can do all I can.

Back to school.

Semester 2 Begins 2018

I’ve visited two papers that I am taking this semester, Studio and Research Practicum.

Let’s start with studio

My final academic work on Conv-O has arrived and now I can commit my full attention to it. The first half of 2018 has been the construction period of Conv-O and it is progressing magically. It is in a stage that it is almost complete and now it is in the stage of working on the logic behind how the entire thing works.

For this semester, I am asking the identity of Conv-O. Why does it need to exist, do a SWOT analysis on it, who is it for and what am I going to learn what is the core or heart of Conv-O? All of the previous questions is something I am in the middle of answering.

I really believe that if I can answer these question Conv-O can really transform and take shape as something I believe in and grow into something magnificent.

Something I would call the edge

Secondly, the Research Practicum is expanding from what I did last semester to something more to do.

The hypothesis is:  “If Neural Network functions more accurately compared to HMM (Hidden Markov Model).

Both uses AI deep learning system but with differences.


Photoshop to 11 Pt. 1

Resurrecting myself from my lack of post, I come with new vigour and new inspiration to blog again and wondering if I remember what I made.


This is my final variation for my Screen. The major note will be is that the title is my placeholder and the background should change either each time the game reaches the main menu (think Overwatch) or just a slideshow (think windows background ).

The highlight of this is my masterful photoshopping skills giving life to the main menu. I like the highlight of the menu turquoise like colour with the orange/gold highlight colour. feel like it works well.


Deaf Sight HUD

This is my first vision for the HUD. The bottom left contains the dpad control scheme, if required. Kept it minimal and didn’t add anything that I deemed not important. No hp, no or map. The two sticks are surrogate arms because I cant model hands if we are going to have hands.

New UI Country A.pngThis is my second version with more changes and with a real screenshot of our game. Moved the objective to the top left for less clutter. Used the 2D Assets as more of the game is developed. The top right is the symbol for the amount of charge the robot has. A lightning bolt is a place is a place to charge, reseources. The box around the target is a pickup symbol.

the text with # are colours so we can ignore them for the purpose of this image.

Message Across

hud-blind (1).gif

NOTE: Due to compression issue, the green text is hard to read. It says signal lost. This occurs during the sense swapping.

This is a gif of the basic transition of sense when losing your vision. The screen gets static followed by the text saying signal lost and the echo-location kicks in that’s why we can see the other player, the grey image that shows.

The changes we made is to not have a static snow on the screen all the time because it creates a nauseating experience and an epileptic nightmare.

It is a basic transition because there is a need to explain whats happening quickly and intuitively.

Now the grey image of the other player allows both players to be aware of each other’s position regardless of what sense they have. Potentially the blind character can only detect the other player when they move because they make noises when it walks.

Overall this is a rough draft of what Xavier and I have been discussing happens during the sense swapping. We also agreed that when people want to swap senses they both have to mutually agree to swap sense instead of “stealing” sense off one another, but this can change depending what the rest of the team says, we think this is just the best way to get around it as it might cause an unfavourable experience for one person.


Seeing and Hearing Clearly 1

One of the main importance of the game we are creating focusses on the sense swapping involving hearing and sight. Below  are the early iteration of the screen the players will see the first being able to hear  but not see well/at all and the second being able to see but not hear well/at all

Hear well but not see well

hud blind
This is the design teams first iteration of no/minimal vision and good hearing. Top left contains the indicator that the other person wants to swap senses, the two sticks indicate the hands, hands,  bottom left is the radar that shows where the ping coming from, the red image is the other person and their location and the screen is covered with a form of static that makes it hard to see.

One concern that was raised is that for a visual effect, that static is good, but if you are playing a game with this filter over a long period of time, this filter can make the game extremely unplayable or nauseating and should be changed to something more simple and less sensory overload experience.

See well but not Hear well

Hud Sight

A lot of the features found above will be here as well with few major changes. Immediately the vission is a lot more clear but there is a mute button on the top right and the minimap is inturn not working and on the top left, there is still the icon for the indication to swap senses.

The reason for the mute noise is to give the player a visual indication of what they are lacking this includes the radar.

Overall these serves as the first few iterations of the HUD.