Final prototype

this is the final design that I went with for my final project.
It is four boxes that are connected with clear see through pipes. One of the leading ideas is that two of the four boxes is upside down. It is also prompts or intuitively tells people to flip the object which draws on the genuine curiosity of people, to seek new knowledge, to find what is on the other side.

The four boxes contain different ideas of what I think are the cornerstone of society. Love/Relationship which I associate with the colour red. Famine/poverty, yellow. Knowledge/Education, blue. Lastly wealth/greed/success with the colour green. Now this is one of the most important part of my project, that I put wealth greed and success in the same box with the colour green. Like many old sayings green with envy, green is the colour of (American) money, they all relate to success, to money, to seek something more than what you have to be greedy.

There is always greed in society, in business, in school, in academics, in family in government in everything we take part of. Many people say they are looking out for the environment, are recycled or recyclable or just researching to make our lives better. All of these are are a transformed idea of the same thing. And that all the other boxes is connected to the green box.


First few design of my final

this was the first evolution of my box project, a layered style connected with pipes, and the box had to be see through. Similar to the 3 D puzzles with a ball and travel around the layers to have a different meaning.

the second idea that project evolved too is a series of box with no pipes but the box are connected within each other. Still follows the similar idea of a ball traveling from box to box.

My final project for studio comes from my play project, the idea of blacking out. Now I am using this idea of black out and extending it from my original assignment to extend to the view of the world rather than literature.

The main focus of my item is that we do not see everything at once and cannot see everything at once, we will always have a point of view of the world and there will always be opposing views.

this is one of my initial drawings shows a cube, and each side of the wall was a property of humanity. The way this object works is you peer into the hole that is cut on one of the wall and look into the cube and depending where you are looking, the thing you see will be different each side of the wall. This is to reinforce the idea that you do not see everything. If you look through the education wall, you can see most of the room. you can see money and love and poverty. But if you look through the poverty wall you cant see education but see love etc.

The other drawing is me exploring a possibility of stacked blocks.