Preparing for the CRUNCH

We are nearing the completion of the first half of the second semester and it is ramping up.

Next week there is a presentation in front of the class regarding the progress of the project and my project is still progressing very nicely. Speaking in class again I can’t help but think the people/class will only know me as the one person who got away with making the same project over the course of 2 years but at the very least when it is presented for November it will finally look like a project that has been in development over the course of 2 years.

The development phase is close to finishing and now we are looking at recruiting people for the testing phase for when we come back from the break in around 3 weeks. So yeah it is becoming more real as the days roll by and my expectation for the project and rises so yeah.

In terms of the development, most of the front end is done. Most of the buttons for adding people, agenda/topics, removing topics timers for both individual bubbles and timers for the overall meeting is done and adding the classifier for customisation for the Natural Language Classifier

We are also halfway in the reporting and its design.

The plan is going to plan, which is nice for once


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