Real Reflection

So we finished the last studio project, the play one.
in the beginning of year Clint said something about the grades.
put your effort into your work and it will show

and i believe that i didnt do that.

I didnt commit enough effort and time to this project.

and it shows.

the quality, the amount of frequent post is no where near the level i want it to be and the level it is expected of me. even the quality of my final prject is not what i want it to be.

so this is a hard reset.
i will do things similarly to my works earlier in the year/semester.



These were my Blacked out collection with paint as the method. It turned better than i Initially thought.

During the creation process the hardest thing  was probably the painting part because there was a specific format and the slightest movement would off set the entire page and the fact i was working with a library book made me extra careful of not painting the book i was using and stress out if there was  the tiniest of smidge of paint on the book.

but in the end i felt it was a lot of fun to paint. i never did art in high school, last i did it was like Year 9. There is something meaningful in creating something with your hands even from the other studio projects.

that moment when you can safely said, I made that. I did that. See mom this wasnt a waste of time.

makes it feel that it mattered. I feel whenever someone makes something whether its an obscure instrument, or a painting or bringing together a pile of sand because it means how time slips away, there is an honest feeling that you are showing a little bit about yourself to the world. because it came from something withing you, in how you expereince things to how you grew up.

It is all these little things that add to what you make in what you do.

So this is another part of my collection using the method of blacking out with something different than paint.

This method uses black tape instead of paint

honestly i actually liked this more since it looks a bit better in my opinion and it wasn’t as messy as paint. This  was another method because i wanted to explore many other ways of blacking out things instead of just sticking to paint.

the feeling in making something with paint was a bit different, i tore the tape and placed it on the plastic. it went back to the feeling of making the collage in the sound project, and it felt very childish and fun. taping and putting it together made it fun for me.

like my other collection it is still transferable from page to page. but doesnt come with a twin.

The last two clear paper black out art is part of my collection

the book that i chose for my collection is the epic poem Odyssey commonly attributed to Homer an ancient poet who lived in Greece.

I chose Odyssey because it is a common for people to have heard about the books and not know what it is. it also helps that it is the “great man book” about a guy called Odysseus and his story after the Trojan war and his journey back home to his grieving wife who has been waiting for 20 years. and with the fancy way of writing that is very different to our modern way of writing and speaking, there are many different creative ways to black out the page to change the story or meaning of the page.

The Iliad and Odyssey is published by the same company and follows the same printing format and as another dimension of playfulness i want to see if it my black out poetry can work with the Iliad, another epic poem commonly attributed to Homer 10 years before the Odyssey about the Trojan war and Achilles.

the following images  with the ruler and the notebook is my method of finding what words to use. the set rules i written, although i dont want to say but let people who read my work. I read the chapter, or referred to in the book as “book” find the theme of the chapter/book and twist that in the limited words im going to use.

the rule for the second page is that the line has to be in line with the text in the first page.

they are called 442 and 443 although not visible in the second clear paper.

page 442 shows:


Smashed writhing


leaving his


Page 443 shows:



and grasped two rugged bronze

passage always shut

to sound the alarm


can you see the secret?

kind of hard to tell in this format but try reading them across like a book.


if i recreated the black out poetry literally nothing will happen. i
will be part of the pages of google images that will turn up when you
search this up.

as cool as it is and visually appealing and
intriguing black out art is i feel like i can make it my own, different,
something that set it above the rest. that is why i came up with the
transparent paper paint that instead of the text and use the gaps it left to create a new story like it did with the original black out art.

the reason i wanted to change my black out processing instead of painting a book or an article is that it felt static and not inclusive to the audience. so the goal is to create a blacked out clear paper for my specific page of the words of my choosing with the book of my choosing. But now it is not bound to the book, an audience member can use that black out clear paper on a different page to send a completely new message that i didnt plan for. this is where the randomness and playfulness comes from. i set some very simple and concise rule with a different outcome on every page.

And that is my process

above is my version of my black out art, it reads, “Dusty old books left her very flawed and felt she lived particularly more.

the second image is my prototype black out art with transparent paper. it is a forest themed because i wanted to show that reading is like entering a new place to take us away from here.



Trying to condense three weeks worth (plus two weeks of holiday not holiday) of work of Play

Reading plays a big part in our lives but like any information we receive it can get too much.

This might seem like a tangent but one of the best public speaker in my opinion is the great recent Steve Jobs. i personally believe that he revolutionized the industry of mobile phones of phones and music. There is one philosophy  that i really want to adopt into my work and presentation and life, and that is to keep it incredibly simple. when you watched his Key Notes for his introduction to the iPod to the iPhone to the iPad, many people an army of people said it is a gimmick it is something we dont need and he is nailing the final nail of a dying company. But if that gimmick sells then who is the bigger fool?

getting back to me blacking out seems to be a perfect fit because Steve Jobs proved people what simple things for complicated people, not the other way around. Black out is great because it takes a big big big existing material like a newspaper about fracking or a dam or some president prime minister that is about 30000 words long. after the first paragraph a person will already decide if what they are reading is worth their time.

not to burst any and amazing writers out their but long format articles but kids to young adults are not reading that. as their life is filled with ever changing surrounding with lightning speed they want quick information. they want to know that fracking is bad because this that and this. Boom done. no 30000 word article. and as a performer and presenter i dont want to bore the audience. keep them interested. in the first 5 seconds make sure that want to listen for the rest of 1:55 minutes

okay this time really back to the main point.

black out is interesting because first of all it is visually appealing and creates intrigue. you see a page mostly blacked out and wondering what it means what its purpose. The information you are presenting is very minimal and therefore is very quick to read process and understand and move on.


still continued. who ever is going to mark this is going to have a field day haha.

Personal issues regarding infrequent entry to tumblr

Right sorry for the ridiculous long absence of my tumblr. i wish i
can something like i was busy, or i was away because of family but im
not that cool

Horray for misleading titles!

okay so lets start what is my project.

it is called black out

an example of black out poetry

any good idea its already done before. you take an existing something
like a text from a magazine, news paper etc and you black out most of it
to create a new story, a new meaning.

there is like a hidden
connection with my project from the very first presentation we did in
bct, the one about how to help people listen. if you dont remember mine
it is the one where i tried to sell ear plugs cut in a way to limit
sounds therefore information etc. it is true that it sounds crazy but i
incorporated the essence of what this was trying to achieve.

are bogged down by mass information being sent our way from
advertisements to people talking, yelling, whispering and what we read.

Reading and words is interesting. it is a form of information we can
gather that we really cant do passively. we can passively listen to
someone talking and really not pay attention we can watch something and
feel something but not really take notice but reading is something that
we have to conscientiously and actively perform, sure we can passively
read but not to the same extent of watching listening, feeling hearing.
we can stare at a page but that is not reading.

we chose what
to read. we can hear and see ads but most times it skips and is
forgotten by that audience. but when one person decide to read something
they are already invested and intrigued about what they are reading