The last two clear paper black out art is part of my collection

the book that i chose for my collection is the epic poem Odyssey commonly attributed to Homer an ancient poet who lived in Greece.

I chose Odyssey because it is a common for people to have heard about the books and not know what it is. it also helps that it is the “great man book” about a guy called Odysseus and his story after the Trojan war and his journey back home to his grieving wife who has been waiting for 20 years. and with the fancy way of writing that is very different to our modern way of writing and speaking, there are many different creative ways to black out the page to change the story or meaning of the page.

The Iliad and Odyssey is published by the same company and follows the same printing format and as another dimension of playfulness i want to see if it my black out poetry can work with the Iliad, another epic poem commonly attributed to Homer 10 years before the Odyssey about the Trojan war and Achilles.

the following images  with the ruler and the notebook is my method of finding what words to use. the set rules i written, although i dont want to say but let people who read my work. I read the chapter, or referred to in the book as “book” find the theme of the chapter/book and twist that in the limited words im going to use.

the rule for the second page is that the line has to be in line with the text in the first page.

they are called 442 and 443 although not visible in the second clear paper.

page 442 shows:


Smashed writhing


leaving his


Page 443 shows:



and grasped two rugged bronze

passage always shut

to sound the alarm


can you see the secret?

kind of hard to tell in this format but try reading them across like a book.



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