The project

At this point, we haven’t even named it yet but as the story goes…

It is a mobile app constructed in It can be played with two or more people. As a team building app, it is designed for more than one person.


This is the what the “gameplay”. The phone will be between 2 or more people and will be voice There will be a token in the middle and it will travel around the grid depending how loud the person talking will be. The longer the person is talking the longer the coin and there will be some sort of signal showing. The longer the worse as we want to promote teamwork, we want to control the flow of dominant personalities in conversation preventing other people from contributing.

This dominant personality hypothesis is what we observed in the year ones and what Ricardo Sosa (a lecturer) is trying to control. Because it limits the creative flow or output of a team if only one person is talking.

depending on the type of conversation, correct conditions can change


This is good for a discussion is good because everyone is participating. Lets say high oscillation between people is a good condition to achieve.

but if it is presenting ideas, high oscillation isn’t good because it means the person is being constantly interrupted.

One of the interesting thing that we found out during our interview with the year ones are



(for the questionnaire we picked one person from each table in year one for diversity)

are the very close split between having a leader or not a leader in a group.People are very split on the idea of a leader in a group. people say that its good to have someone in control but other people suggest that it’s not a good idea due to controlling nature.

This is my personal insight into the matter, I felt like the dominant personality are highly pointing to the idea that there shouldn’t be a leader and the more reserve or introvert type of people are more willing to promote the idea of a leader. I think this is due to the fact that reserved or introvert type people much rather have someone lead them forward as unsure of the future they are themselves, it is easier to look ahead and see someone.

Dominant personalities have, what I think, is a false idea of no leadership in a group. Everyone should be part of the team discussion etc. But I believe that they fail to recognize that they themselves trying to push people inadvertently cause discomfort and leads to basic or budget ideas that force reserved people to say something incredibly basic or uncreative to make the dominant personality ( who is pretty much playing a leader) would move on as fast as possible.

Our project minimize the stress and makes sure that everyone is giving a fair chance of speaking, without pressure and make everyone aware of what is happening with visual queues and make people self-aware of their actions withing the group

Another part is the narrative.

In the project, the phone will read a story pertaining to either teamwork or leadership. There will be roughly a minute long story, something like a story with meaning, parable, and to be discussed in roughly a 3-4 minutes and the phone will record the sound and based on the loudness of the people talking that is where the marker will go.

Lastly BCT.

The spirit of BCT is embodied within its freedom, creativity, and exploratory nature. These are the building blocks on what a good creative technology is. We and I have a feeling that most, feels that creative technology as a degree feels like a gamble, it feels very detached from common degrees post highschool. It feels strange and almost seems like a joke, especially the first year.

We want to help chanel these jitters as part of my project is about discussion and exploring the narrative, something existing.

.With a score like system it allows people the evaluate themselves as a team, visually see what is the conversation flow, what needs to be addressed in terms of team meetings and what needs improvements.




So how did we get here?


So from our hot soup of creative minefield and brainstorming, we end up in what we called a recipe.

It is the final design considerations that we absolutely needed to go into the final product but for the longest time we had a fixated idea of constructing a mobile app, but everyone around me, the lecturers and other people are strongly advising me against constructing a mobile app and now that I think about it, it is a good idea that I gave that up and found

it is essentially a mobile app prototype, it can function and act like a mobile phone but it is just on the computer/net.

Back to the recipe, it focused on the environment, the four aspects of creative technology (the degree), art, design, engineering and technology, the facilitation of teamwork and BCT’s theme of exploration as the center of learning.

Elevator pitch

Survival guide for year 1 students (BCT) focusing on teamwork explained trough a narrative.

our final project will be a proof of concept constructed in website showing the capabilities of our design without the hard coding behind the scenes. But it has been discussed at some point it might be a good idea to construct the app for real and show it to AUT.


Elevator Pitch

After tragically getting stuck in an idea loop

I forgot your name but the teacher aide came to my group and discussed that there was something missing, which we already knew. But we still got stuck in infinite thinking loop about the project.

So we came up with


Basicly the short condensed idea of my project.

Survival guide for year 1 students (BCT) focusing on teamwork explained trough a narrative.

shout out to Ned Bigby and Moes and Cookie.

The Prospers and Wealth Walrus

The wealthy walrus mobile phone app.

It is a relatively simple app that follows a wealthy walrus as an investor for people to do hypothetical scenarios.

this is the a question for a certain amount of money.

This is what it looks like after picking your answer. your answers are being compared to the other people around the world who have taken this answer.

Every 5th answer there is a super question, that is worth more money.

It is simple, conversation starters and you can figure out people.

I really like this app because it has very convenient features, it is somewhat competitive because you have a frame of reference to what answer you picked vs all the other people who played the question.

There is the super question that is more harder to answer, its like hard mode which make sit something else

the money, it is the incentive for the actions, it adds a layer of game mechanic that keeps the game interesting.

This app has a lot of features that i really like and could incorporate to our final outcome

The hot Tinder


The byproduct of societies demand of high speed life. Between work school and friends, our life now is set in high speed. And as society dictates it, random talks between strangers is seen as highly strange.

So Tinder is born, to fill the requirement of recreational or meaningful relationships.

Not everyone uses Tinder, but the people that do, uses it with superficial reasons. It uses the limited attention span of a persons combined with sheer volume to achieve a result that resembles a very shallow interaction.

swipe right if you like, left if you don’t like

simple as that.

it is designed for meeting people so it has that down, but the reasons for the meeting can take multiple forms. It is really superficial and doesn’t have (much) depth, the initial actions anyway.

The something meaningful or shallow can come next.

The mighty FaceBook

the free not so free social media giant where most people are and the people are not think they are too edgy for Facebook.

Many people use Facebook for keeping in touch, writing hbd to peoples wall one time a year. It connects us but we don’t do anything anymore. You don’t call someone to greet an acquaintances birthday  because that would be strange or weird.

I for one is a Facebook user to a very large extent

I am one of the people in society that prefers the comfort of my phone rather than interacting with someone on the bus, I could but today, people would rather avoid meaningless conversation without any substance. But that doesn’t stop people using books and other work as alternative distractions.

I am not criticizing peoples habits but merely stating its existence.

In terms of connecting people, Facebook wins because it allows instant communication regardless of distance but it doesn’t really help meeting new people, you can add random people on Facebook but maintaining a reasonable constant interactions is incredibly limited. Your circle of friends wont grow by just being on Facebook.  The hard working of meeting people in real life is still required.


My understanding of first impressions

First impression occur when two or more people are meeting for the first time. It is a powerful event that happens to the most of us and dictates the future of interaction, what is to be expected.

When people meet, it is always a hard event for most people. Unless  you are a professional conversationalist, people are timid and shy to initiate anything, they are not showing the same attitudes as they would with their friends. People are worried that what they do might put the other person off.

We have our friends and if they are good friends they accept us generally, but new people know nothing about us, and how we see ourselves is what we think the other people will think of us, I wore the wrong shirt, they might think my hair is weird etc.

But in reality they are thinking the same thing as us. We want to express ourselves in a way that can’t be misconstrued, but we are not willing to express ourselves for fear of rejection.

So I developed my system of interacting with new people. Ask them dumb questions. Questions are powerful tools for getting to know someone. When I say dumb I mean seemingly irreverent questions. For example:

Would you rather buy 1 $100 shoe or 10 $10 shoes?

Its a hypothetical questions that is pretty simple to answer, it generates conversation and it is exploring the person who they are, how do they value their material goods and what is important to them, quality or quantity?

It is a question that is not intrusive like “do you like expensive shoes or cheap shoes”. That adds a layer of the other person thinking, “are they testing my materialistic nature?”

It seems insincere.

People don’t want to take charge especially meeting new people, fears of coming as bossy. But people want to answer, paint a picture about themselves and for most people it can be drawn out. You can pull out amazing information about a person by asking dumb questions, if you craft your questions enough you can paint a pretty picture about the person, their habits, likes and dislikes.

And pretty soon, if you pay attention enough the conversation can feel pretty relaxed and natural. The first step might seem huge but really initiating a conversation is more simple than people think.

People are hung up about the possible contrast or conflicting personalities, but at the end of the day, we are more similar than we would like to think. Because we value individuality.

Brain storming for studio

What is an ice breaker?

According to google:

noun: ice-breaker
  1. a ship designed for breaking a channel through ice.
    • a thing that serves to relieve inhibitions or tension between people.

Personally, I am a fan of the first Definition.

A thing that serves to relieve inhibitions or tension between two people. I think it usually involves more than two people like a group of people.

But this definition is interesting because it acknowledges the existence of awkwardness, tension or inhibitions that stop people from functioning normally.

Icebreakers are usually used to cut through the heat.

(this post was in no shape or form an advertisement for the Sprite drink)

If it was only this easy to beat the awkwardness, just drink and it’s gone.

But this image above have the classic tells of what is an ice breaker. Beach because it’s hot or a hot day, water because it is refreshing, the guy with a weird outfit consisting of a green underwear or swim suit, almost naked, handlebar mustache and goggles and not what we would call a perfect body, ie a guy hitting the gym. Lastly the giant Sprite bottle with water splashing behind it showing how refreshing it is. Using its awkwardness

Using its awkwardness to be different it can create a certain atmosphere that “this person is not so different from me”. If two people find it funny, it creates a conversation starter, ” Wow that guy has green underwear and he just doesn’t care”. People then get to start thinking, “maybe this person isn’t so different”.

Something funny is great to control the atmosphere.

But I am not going to make a drink and market it as an icebreaker. But I want to incorporate the ideas that the people put behind this advertisement because it really points to an acceptable conclusion that we can think of sprite as an ice breaker.

But a classic childhood icebreaker in the classroom is people bingo.


It is simple, a concept of bingo, but to mark out a box, you have to find a person who has the trait or done the activity on the box.

Its simple, its easy to understand and you talk to people. It generates easy conversation starters.


As of 15 of March, my project has been dissolved. I am going to quit my idea completely and team up with Reza for his project

I was given a question in class, what is the thing I want to do or learn. I want to learn Mobile app development and if I want to focus on this I have to not pull myself in every direction. So I am going to give up the story telling aspect (at least for the mean time) and focus on one thing and just focus on App development until I am a bit better at it.

Reza is in the same studio as me and his projects focus is to facilitate or promote team work and relationships where as my one is exploring the the separation of people, so we even have a natural connection between our project.

Right now there is no name for the project yet but the bare minimum is that it most likely to be a mobile phone app.