if i recreated the black out poetry literally nothing will happen. i
will be part of the pages of google images that will turn up when you
search this up.

as cool as it is and visually appealing and
intriguing black out art is i feel like i can make it my own, different,
something that set it above the rest. that is why i came up with the
transparent paper paint that instead of the text and use the gaps it left to create a new story like it did with the original black out art.

the reason i wanted to change my black out processing instead of painting a book or an article is that it felt static and not inclusive to the audience. so the goal is to create a blacked out clear paper for my specific page of the words of my choosing with the book of my choosing. But now it is not bound to the book, an audience member can use that black out clear paper on a different page to send a completely new message that i didnt plan for. this is where the randomness and playfulness comes from. i set some very simple and concise rule with a different outcome on every page.

And that is my process

above is my version of my black out art, it reads, “Dusty old books left her very flawed and felt she lived particularly more.

the second image is my prototype black out art with transparent paper. it is a forest themed because i wanted to show that reading is like entering a new place to take us away from here.




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