So I went to the set of the hobbit/ Lord of the rings
And went in with a different mind set from a normal movie audience.

I learned that a lot of the shire shooting was very interesting because the director sir Peter Jackson did many physical editing, rather than movie magic

He had to make the hobbit actors very small and the tall wizard very tall So he used forced perspective
That the wizard is very close to the camera and the hobbit actors had to stand 3 meters from the camera to correct the height

Another thing that they did they duplicated the front of the hobbit house one very small for the wizard to look uncomfortable and a larger for the hobbit actors to comfortable.

I found this very cool and that just by changing the placement of things in front the camera can change many things drastically and that you don’t always need the help of visual effects.
Rather it’s a tool to help but it is not the movie

The one thing that is interesting to do is that when you rewatch the film knowing how things are done, gives a new perspective. How they made it look in the film vs how it is in real life. Makes a really neat watching experience.

If only some directors could stop using green screen as their movie…



so i made a thing today

a bunch of things

above is my contact mike where you can contact mike in the 3d labs…

also had to re-solder my contact mic twice… thanks to a certain someone….

also the 3 are my design sketches to get me the grades that is required  to pass

initially i wanted a basic 3d shape like a cube or something, cut some holes and hit it and the holes in the object will create different sounds. after thinking it over it felt to childish and too simple even if Clinton said that he is okay with simple, just mostly worried it wont make enough different sounds with one material

the second iteration of my idea dutifully dubbed the “sound board” or “switch board” is supposed to be a a board and attached some switches to flick on and off to create different mechanical sounds… it was too much work to walk to a miter 10 or something and im a cheap student so i didn’t bother with it even if sounded cool.

the current idea of my project is a pipe glued to a wood board then a bunch of small material inside he plastic pipe to be shaken around to make noise. i also want to make some holes on the pipe to create different sounds and lastly insert a bunch of materials like a solid metal cylinder, some hollow metal pipes, some metal sheets, plastic sheets and hit them with a rod and i feel like it will have a lot of diverse sounds to be a viable instrument

Stay tuned for my ear sore part dos


So i made a Thing for uni unanimously titled “The epic”

so i got my inspiration from the due date and have to slap some things together… thats a joke…

This was made with the idea of telling an epic story or sounds to be used in an epic tale. most of the back ground noises i got from a series called Mahouka Kokou no Rettousei or The Regular at Magic High School and cut them up from the sound track. Next i used my recorded sounds around downtown of a creaking dock, a drummer busker using cooking utensils and bucket as a drum set. got the reaper sound effect from mass effect, the beginning sound track of halo some gun cocking and water sound effects.

i cut them up and made a beautiful mess, the other name of my project.

i decided to keep the sound fairly short only being 1:30 minutes long because a) i know that it is hard to listen to 70 sound bites thats 3 minutes long and i felt i made mine to the point although i feel the ending is a bit lack luster, ITS HARD TO END A THING OKAY.

hardest part about this assignment is the fact that i have to use some recorded sounds which sound ugly and many background noises and my main concern was if i made enough recording sounds to be able to be passable. personally i just like the sound of cleaner sounds.

Last thing the album cover is what i believe is my most beautiful face that inspires millions across the universe to go on a viking journey or kill a dragon… because you dont want that face coming after you…


So i just finished my “master piece” and that is with a heavy emphasis on master piece. like not at all. its a stupid sound but its my sound so i love it.

still not as good as the other ones that is already up on tumblr

14 layers and 1 and a half minute so not bad i think.


Wait was this a sound course?

So this time we actually started a sound project even if I am writing the days later after the project was released

On Monday I collected sounds through out the city

Yesterday I wasn’t any productive
Saw the highlights of it crowd

So yeah super productive…

But I was thinking if doing of a mass effect showing the struggle off Shepard…

Knowing me it won’t be my final product haha


So this is my collage for the digital part not really sure if i wanted text or not text haha so i kept both.

Always when i am looking at the tags for the subjects people submit amazing things and always make me second guess my work, it is as if it doesnt belong in a sea of amazing work.

so i took the idea from life experiences (wheres the best place to gather inspiration) of no matter how much you try no matter how old the love is no matter how close you got it wasnt never meant to be.

i took a bunch of silhouette stills for all the people. the guy sitting guy had a bit of colour so i had to turn him black first, then i inverted the colour to be white for all the people. i drew the first kids hand with a MOUSE so yeah enjoy that.

the second stage is missing legs so i had to draw on the guys  leg again with a mouse, I aM AN ARTIST, i also slightly darken the red heart of the girl to show a little turmoil even if their action say otherwise.

lastly the third one was a coloured image so i had to magic wand then black it out then invert it. use some healing patch on the guys shoe and added a grey noise to the heart to show what happened to the guys heart after all this time. lastly added a new red heart to the girl to show she moved on

but if you want the story…

in the beginning there was a guy and and a girl who gave his heart to the her for safe keeping. they stayed together for a long time living life with only them in the world. but in the girl, a very slowly moving doubt crept in her which is tainting the heart she was given, but she did her best to play the part. but it took its toll on her and her given heart, slowly destroying what they built together unbeknownst to him until she returned his damaged and greyed heart. But the shell of his heart is broken therefore he cannot even wear his old heart which he wanted more on the world for it held the memory of the good and best times they had even if she has moved on

ha well thats for it folks


So this is my final design for my physical collage and it’s not the best I’ve in class but it will have to do
It’s a night day poster of the same place and shows you see more in the day than in the night and that the flowers is the symbol of change haha or something like that
Still it’s all about learning the things you need like the critical thinking
And the how’s and whys something is better than others
I wish Mine was a little better lol

day 3 of the sound project

people already started to hang some of the completed sound project and at this point i just dont even want to hang my project anymore haha

Cals project about the cars is so good looking there should be a 5 meter limit before anyone else can place their work near hers haha

well all i can say is coming up with ideas is hard so props to people who actually do it for a living. an ability on its own to be able to share your won creation to the world.

well i change my project to a day night thing but it looks so blank i dont know what else to add and i want to start on the digital

at least the programming one was easier

The sound project not made of sound

So we were given a project called “The Waste of the World Becomes my Art”

the brief is long but i think the main point is that sound is a powerful medium of movement, of passion, of motivation, of change and many more.

We are taking the idea  of collage, cutting and pasting of preexisting material to create a new image, to show sounds.

this applies to composition, if we can show it as a collage we can create a composition or a put together a bunch of music/ sound together.

i think its a neat idea

for what im gonna make i think maybe the theme of “too much noise” or the idea of “information overload” that we lose our identity, i know heavy hitting idea right haha.

well i think it might be good to make a decent solution as my mock solution was literary earplugs haha, so something more with substance, but i am worried that it might become a common theme in the class.

if you present a common idea and present it better there is not enough risk so it might become redundant ind the end which i dont want.

maybe i can think of a better theme


First Presentation

Had a class wide presentation that went well in my opinion

we sold a wireless earplugs dubbed the iHear (dont sue us apple)

people liked the presentation so i think over all it was a fun experience.

i think i could have made a better presentation if i created something of practical use rather than a really easy/simple concept

good experience

one thing im gonna say shout out to Garion who made an awesome kick ass wearable tech. As a music lover who really gets into the beats of the song i would love to have it haha.