My (Almost) Final Project
Titled: The Tiny Strings That Hold Us.


I took an old TV case and opened it and remove the inside, placed a brown cardboard as the floor, cut the side to show a window. And the furniture is made up with a metal wire that I bent around, but the thing is all the metal are connected, hence the title. A PAIN to bend all of the things to its current state.

The webs are made of glue gun, and the dirt are just some left over shavings from the cutting of the walls

And lastly it is not there yet i am planning to use eggs to represent my people.


The process of our grand design

It has been a long and arduous journey coming up with the idea of something is said to be magnificent and brilliant in its concept, but is also said to contain too much ingredient and not enough abstract ideas incorporated. Essentially it is not complex enough, I am spelling the image too much, and lastly not minimalist enough.

Which is the biggest problem for me. Minimalist creation is something I view to mean that not enough thought or idea or effort went into making something, which I have been graciously taught by the Mighty Sarah and the always terrifying Antonio.

Their guidance led me to looking up the design the process, which emphasizes the idea of improving. You do not make one thing and then say you are done. You make something, then improve on that and see where it takes you. Where it will change your idea about the problem. 

Hopefully I made my Object abstract enough to convey the correct idea I want to show.


Looking at the world through eyes of something new.

Reflection, blogging, dreaming of something greater. Writing, singing, speaking about something greater.

These are all the feelings that pours out of me every time I blog, every time I reflect with the goal of making myself better. Understanding the fault, where the critical thinking takes place and making sure how to really know what I am taking part in.

All these things are the things that make me a Creative Technologist. A long journey that has no end, with the goal entirely trying to make the world a better place. To find a place for me in this world with 7 billion other people who wants to be the best. With a goal of having a wikipedia page dedicated to myself written by users for my contribution to mankind. It might not happen but everyone can dream right?


The music in an imaginative medium

The VDMX Tutorial event hosted by Kim and Pete.

It was cool new event to visit as it is a thing that I have never delved before.
We were taught how use the program, blend images, visual effects, sound any many more. One of my favorite part of the program is that we can connect physical tactile devices that control the virtual knobs with a physical object like a sound manipulation board.

But the one problem I have with the program is its lack of compatibility with the Windows operating system and limited only to the Mac operations system which I do not have. Kim said that we should have used another VJDJ application but Pete decided to stick with VDMX

Well I do not really have a problem since we will be given a mac to borrow for the event and the fact that one of my team members have a Mac, but I do want to mess around with the program in my spare time to create ideas to throw around in my group for the project.

As a form of art work and music, this is amazing, and I would like to explore save for the fact that his application is non existent in Windows.


The new experimental vs the old Classic

The room with the masterpiece of a Renaissance painter known as Raphael in the Vatican City at Rome.

A Jackson Pollock abstract expressionism titled Number 17A, bought for 200 Million dollars

These are two different class of artwork both regarded as masterpieces by their respective creators.

I am not an art critique but it is in my opinion that I prefer the renaissance work better than the modern one. Because to me it embodies skill and tranquility. Whereas the Jackson Pollock work appears to be someone got a bottle and just dripped it over a canvas.

But the longer I have been in Colab I was told and taught to have a different look in life. To have a much more relaxed but ambitious outlook at life. Especially now I am doing a 3d representation of a time based table which is incredibly abstract. I was actually told my initial idea was not abstract enough.

So slowly i am trying to better myself to being more open minded about the abstract work of Jackson Pollock. Because there is beauty and meaning and fun to be found in the random things, which we were taught in the play part of studio. Yes Raphaels artwork is amazing and magnificent but it does not stop Pollocks work to being magnificent as well.

I just wish someone would buy something off me worth 200 million dollars.


Creating something greater then them 

In this article it is stated that the robots, AI are a danger to peoples job like many times before. But
Yuval Noah Harari

said that “
AIs do not need more intelligence than humans to transform the job market. They need only enough to do the task well


This is an interesting look in the AI invasion to the job market because this means that, the AI do not have to be the smartest being on earth but just be good enough at a task, better than any human, to make humans obsolete.

This means that the AI invasion is not too far off. We have seen IBM Watson in class demonstrating the skill to naturally beat humans at the game of Jeopardy to humiliation. This future is coming.

Yuval stated that to stay relevant in the workforce, people have to change, learn things again become ever changing. Because the future will come when you become obsolete, to prevent that we have to keep learning new things at an even faster rate, hopefully faster than the way AIs is invading.

Looking at this I see a terrifying future, in which states that, I might not matter in that grand scale of things in 20 years or maybe even less.

People have been asking me what am I doing in uni, and honestly I do not know. I cannot say what I will become after i graduate, but hopefully I find what i want to be and be good in that field to hunger for new techniques or method that will allow me to stay relevant


Cars! But with 100 percent more future

The future is almost here with shiny driverless chrome car by Google.


This state of the art technology is one of the key for a more efficient and safe way to transport people inside the city.

But like any good new technology it doesn’t exist in our little country under the rest of the world.

The big vision of  google is to get people around  safely even if they cannot drive. So these are the people who are blind, who are disabled and others who just cannot simply drive because of limitations. This will allow them to be on the move just as easily as anyone else.

The next thing they want to improve is the mortality rate of people driving. According to google over 1.2 million people die to crashes and this can be dramatically reduced because up to 94% is due to human error. Remove the human element, remove the error.


This is a scene from the 2008 Pixar film Wall-E. It depicts a future for humans who became so engrossed in their technology, the technology that is supposed to make their lives easier, that they forget how be humans anymore.

This kind of relationship between the google cars and the movie seems non existent. But I want to point out that if we do keep making technology that seems to make our lives easier we become less human and more of a society dependent on living through technology.

Do not get me wrong, I get stressed if my technology, phone or tablet, is not arms reach of me. I am just stating is this really the future?

Making our lives easier to become more lazy? It sounds good but is this what it means to live today? Tomorrow? Next year? In a century?



Waking up next to google

This is the official blog of google and one the thing they mentioned that i became very elated and excited for the future. I want a house that I can talk to, the one i can say “Play Coldplay”, or “Open the lights at 6:30 pm”.

All these things sings to me that the future is here. The fact that it listens to me 100% of the time or it tracks how much food there is in the fridge. I am one of the few who embrace the fact everything is becoming searchable, traceable  and not really care who watches. I follow the idea of if you have nothing to hide then there is no reason to hide anything.

The only downside is that detective shows will become unrelatable in the future when everyone is being tracked and can find the killer in one hour like an actual episode.

But like everything new there is a group that is strongly against the idea of everything being connected. But i understand their concerns, the fear of being hacked, people looking into their things. I have been asking people in my class how they feel about being track. Which fits perfectly because of the theoretical grade of the spimes project in which says that a spime is in part trackable, searchable. They are all afraid of what is incoming in which I see is an inevitable future arriving for us all


The mostly empty room


The class visited Trish Clark art gallery nearby and it showcased the works of
Alfredo Jaar, a Chilean born artist and filmmaker.

In the art
gallery, like the title says is mostly empty, painted in white. There
was this black and white box that says, OTHER PEOPLE THINK, the title of
the artwork.

even though it was mostly empty, it created an
experience, being empty is not a bad thing. It emphasized the power of
the artwork individually. 


This is one of my favorite work in the gallery titled, Looking for Africa in Life (magazine).

showcases the Life Magazine during the beginning of the Rwanda genocide
until it was actually it was showcased in the cover page of the
magazine. A powerful message that the media only choose to shows very
specific information to the world and they will only show the actual
news and information when it is too late and the world is on fire.

It is the duty of the media to inform us, but when they selectively choose the information to show then what happens.

took after so many published work of life Magazine before they actually
showed one of the most devastating events to happen in recent history.


The small bot who can

We had our weekly Friday meeting for the Nao Bot and this was one of the important meetings we had because this actually explained and outlined what we were supposed to be doing, a focusing.

The goal is to research the human robot interactions and to see how a human will develop new ideas when a scenario is changed.

This is such an amazing experience that will have real practical effect, something that will change the world. We were discussing the problems doing a survey for a research and as to be expected it was a long checklist of what is allowed, ethical, culturally acceptable and many more.

Another thing that Ricardo told us is that it is okay if bring our own coding to play around the robot which is pretty cool and i was thinking of making the robot read a book but the resolution is bad but there are ways to get around it. Lastly I will be a be able to say that I played with something worth $14,000.

I want to see robot making impact in peoples life, what is the limit of a robot. Since we are the creator do make it less than us?

What if we have the robots become psychiatrist for kids allow them to feel more included if they don’t trust adults?

We can have robot read famous poems but replace some words to robots instead of people.

There are many cool things to do with a robot.