ITS – What does interactive mean to me?

asdBefore seeing how other artist interpret the word interactive, I want to say what i think interactive means, at least in my head.

Interactive to me is when the audience, artist, animal has a level of action with each other or to an object. But something is interesting, because there is level of intent. What mattes the most in an artwork or interpretation, the audiences interpretation or what the artist intended the artwork to be. I believe everything can be interactive as I came to remember this video from my childhood.

They visit a museum of sorts and sees display and therefore not supposed to be interacted, just viewed. but Patrick touches the display anyway, to Patrick its interactive even only by touch as there is interaction bu the police fish doesn’t see it as display but also an object that has to be touched, be interacted.

So anything and everything can interactive, as long there is intent somewhere.


ITS – Interactive Technology and Systems

Its the second week and I have been thinking what interactive means to me personally. It is unfortunate that we couldn’t find an interactive work, installation etc.  this week and next week we are going to hunt for some more interactive works.



Above is what we created in our first lecture as we were asked by our lecturer what we were expecting, what we wanted to learn and the expectation of the amount of hours we have to put in this paper which is fair. Blogging is half of the grade… yay… and from what I interpreted the day, the final assignment is presentation of an idea with heavy backing, of research. So theres that

Tech Uni and Creativity

It is very good to be back. Personally I felt that the break was way too long, but something happened, even before the break. I found something amazing, an event that happens once a month called #AIHappyHour. It is this awesome event that moves around and last time I have been was at IBM and as it happen to be, the next event is today at AUT, my home University.

The event opened my  eyes to the beauty of AI. I, along with many people, have this preconceived notion of AI being somewhere far in the deep future, Star Trek or Terminator levels of future. Isuru Fernando, the main IBM Watson (the AI) guy in New Zealand and his main point of conversation besides showcasing what Watson can do is that AI is here.

He demos Watson by showing how Watson can be used for cooking. We know that at the heart of it cooking is chemistry, and some molecules and chemicals work well better than others. Watson was paired with a New Zealand head chef to create a menu specifically created between the chef and the AI. The way it worked is that the chef input ingredients to chef Watson and it returned a list with a bunch of pairings rated out of 100 percent, so Watson was creating links between ingredients that the head chef just cant imagine because the amount of time it takes just to test and the astronomical amounts of permutation within the combinations.

This really showed me the real use of AI, it is used side by side by humans, not some overbearing overlord that will shoot humans, but AI is a tool, a very powerful self learning tool with infinite possibilities.

He explained why Watson playing Jeopardy is exceptionally difficult because it wasn’t a question and answer type of game show, it is an answer and question show. How the problem presented to Watson computationally more difficult than a show like Who Wants to be a Millionaire.