Personal issues regarding infrequent entry to tumblr

Right sorry for the ridiculous long absence of my tumblr. i wish i
can something like i was busy, or i was away because of family but im
not that cool

Horray for misleading titles!

okay so lets start what is my project.

it is called black out

an example of black out poetry

any good idea its already done before. you take an existing something
like a text from a magazine, news paper etc and you black out most of it
to create a new story, a new meaning.

there is like a hidden
connection with my project from the very first presentation we did in
bct, the one about how to help people listen. if you dont remember mine
it is the one where i tried to sell ear plugs cut in a way to limit
sounds therefore information etc. it is true that it sounds crazy but i
incorporated the essence of what this was trying to achieve.

are bogged down by mass information being sent our way from
advertisements to people talking, yelling, whispering and what we read.

Reading and words is interesting. it is a form of information we can
gather that we really cant do passively. we can passively listen to
someone talking and really not pay attention we can watch something and
feel something but not really take notice but reading is something that
we have to conscientiously and actively perform, sure we can passively
read but not to the same extent of watching listening, feeling hearing.
we can stare at a page but that is not reading.

we chose what
to read. we can hear and see ads but most times it skips and is
forgotten by that audience. but when one person decide to read something
they are already invested and intrigued about what they are reading




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