These were my Blacked out collection with paint as the method. It turned better than i Initially thought.

During the creation process the hardest thing  was probably the painting part because there was a specific format and the slightest movement would off set the entire page and the fact i was working with a library book made me extra careful of not painting the book i was using and stress out if there was  the tiniest of smidge of paint on the book.

but in the end i felt it was a lot of fun to paint. i never did art in high school, last i did it was like Year 9. There is something meaningful in creating something with your hands even from the other studio projects.

that moment when you can safely said, I made that. I did that. See mom this wasnt a waste of time.

makes it feel that it mattered. I feel whenever someone makes something whether its an obscure instrument, or a painting or bringing together a pile of sand because it means how time slips away, there is an honest feeling that you are showing a little bit about yourself to the world. because it came from something withing you, in how you expereince things to how you grew up.

It is all these little things that add to what you make in what you do.


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