The previous post consisted of what I thought our game will look like. But after a thorough roasting from our Lecturer Ben, I realized something, the lack of direction. I was going about this project through a naive lens and forced myself to really look at what I want to convey and show the audience, the players and the lecturers.

A HUD of a modern game isn’t something that conveys every message but it Conveys the important messages. AND A LOT OF DESIGN LINES.

Our game characters are drones, so I took a peek at what drone screens are supposed to look like. Like any good technology, it comes from the military, so I present the UAV (Unmanned Arial Drone), at least the interpretation of what artist thinks it would look like, cause you know its Top Secret…

Image result for uav hud

The colouration of the screen is heavy on the grey and white, which allows the text and HUD to standout over the area and the target over the background. Believable, at least at a cinematic point of view, bullet size at the bottom left, potential random letters to confuse the average person to believe it is military mumbo jumbo.

Another good place to look at is the HUD of fighter pilots. Image result for Pilot HUdThis is a very functional HUD, at the very least. It makes sense as a technical instrument,  as the pilots want the information with the maximum amount of important data to almost no thought in aesthetic design, which make sense for what it is designed to be used for.

From trying to decipher what is in this image, we have a targeting system, an altimeter, possibly fuel? Horizon detector?  and the rest is beyond me.

This will never fly in a video game aside from pushing for a flight sim game. This is where the function outweighs the need to create an aesthetically pleasing screen. Comparable to Game HUD, the players need enough overlay to be convinced that they piloting some sort of vehicle either manned or unmanned but not too much where it becomes a visual overload and becomes distracting from the game no matter how close it is to reality, it just has to feel realistic.

This is from Rainbow 6 Siege

Image result for rainbow 6 siege drone hud

The drone. a ground-based 2 wheeled drone designed to scout the area ahead. Ignoring the other UI elements and just focusing on the overlays, there is a faint white/grey border inside the screen, with breaks for aesthetic reasons and near the middle of the screen (where the eyes will stare at for most of the time as this is an FPS) there are another faint line forming what looks like a rather large crosshair.

Comparing this to the HUD from the fighter plane, it is completely different. In the Tom Clancy game, it is very subtle and not invasive to see what is on the screen, blurred heavily to see what is behind. But the Fighter plane, from a design point of view, can be said to be overcluttered and is unpleasant to look at with its bright neon text with little or no transparency meaning you won’t miss it really.