Head, shoulder, knees and toes


These are the photos of the shoe, the sole, Jamie’s head and us trying to combine the mannequin with legs and stuffed it with paper to give it legs and arms.
we made the face by paper mache, by AJ and Alana, around an inflated Balloon. Kavita, painted the face and made the eyes slight offset to prevent it from staring at you, helps not feeling stared at.
We then bought some Shoes at Number One Shoe Warehouse and we painted the shoes silver as we all know the future is chrome.

We then Got the mannequin on Level 10 on the WG building and were told we weren’t really allowed to  modify the mannequin, like drilling which made it hard for us to create the legs but we got around it by machining some wood to act like a pivot as the knees and made some groves to tie a rope and around the hips of the mannequin. We then stuffed the pants with paper to give it ‘meat’. Lucky the on the lower part of the mannequin had holes where we could attach the legs

it also had no arms and hands and we got around it by a sweatshirt and stuffing it with paper and making the hands go inside the sweatshirt to be less formal.

The sole of the shoes is drawn by kavita on black foam. The shoe is attached to the mannequin by lots of hot glue and the head is attached by a wire running around her neck and arms.

what we learned is that Jamie has a lot of rope burns


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