my block 3 and block 4 blogging have been absolutely atrocious. It has been a combination of both lacking interest, and just being generally an unexpected difficulty that was encountered when doing this assignment. I’m not sure if I am the one to blame to inadvertently picking such a wicked problem to tackle when the initial brief only said, think of a thing for the year 2076 and it lead me to how to integrate homeless people back into society through augmentation.

Initially, my favourite prototype the is the one that had a screen interface in homes connected to screens in places where there is high amount of homeless people. I only tackled one this one for the prototype block because it is the only one that i thought had any future as my other ones seems lack luster compared to the ones that was presented in class.

i then dissected my what made my proposal work, integrating homeless people through augmentations/technology. In other words, what happens to or where will  homeless people go or be in the year 2076

i then prototyped this finding what people want in their homes. As it is the culture, people dont want servers generally in their homes, especially if they were homeless, even if they were taught or augmented to make them desirable. it is the trust issue that is the heart of the problem, not really sure how they will interact with them even with desirable augmentations.

i am now focusing on what form will the helper be in the home and maybe somehow make a connection between the home family and the homeless servant in any form.

this was interesting because i was met with almost all negative feedback with the idea of homeless helper. But when i spoke to the TAs they all said that the audience dont know what they want, they dont want anything that is not familiar. The goal is not to listen to the audience, it is to convince them that having a homeless person butler helper in your home is worth getting. Not just dropping the project because they dont like it.


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