There is something interesting that happened in our impromptu showcase for our idea in class. When we were designing our speculative object, i am not sure if we did too much or not enough, which is a strange problem,  we made had 3 unique objects food growing out of people, cheese moon, and post-human form to help parkour around the city. Then we broke down our third one and decided to turn it into a gravity system that allows a person walk on walls. But before we got to the gravity system, we made another 3 ideas of what we wanted to make, another 3 ways of climbing walls, we had a gyro spherical ball that was used to ascend up walls


we had suction shoes as another prototype complete with brae to help keep a person upright walking on walls


and lastly our gravity prototype



but during the mock showcase people commented we had too much in our table. the image set above. We thought this is what is being asked of us. Three then 1 then three then 1. But some people in class said it was too much even one lecturer commented that it was too much and that people didnt see whats going on. And we did see what the other groups are doing. They have one to showcase. Maybe we didnt do enough that we didnt pick one point or we expeanded too much when we should have our final project by now

but now we know what we are doing



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