Neutron Star

As the name suggest, the shoe contains mostly neutron atoms surrounded in a near material vacuum state. Though as the name suggest, it is not from a star but is made up of the same things. It is a high density object comprising of mainly neutrons in a superfluid configuration which is stopped by the neutron degeneracy pressure to prevent it being a black hole
It is the high density object we needed to simulate the effects of gravity on the surface the user is standing on, whether it be standing on the wall or ceiling.

The shoe works in unison with the Star to create perfect harmony and balance that allows the user to walk on walls and on the ceiling. This is done by the contact surface of the shoe communicating with the star enabling it to only gravitationally attract  up to 5 atoms deep on the surface to make sure that no objects on the other side is attracted to the shoe


The shoe is paired with the headpiece. The head piece comes in different designs to suit your needs. They communicate through the quantum fluctuation in the Aether, the lower state of energy after the vacuum energy, with the Black Current as its charge/force propagator. This mitigates how the gravity from the Star in the shoe affect your whole body and the things around you. Instead of a gravitational field propagating outwards from the shoe, this works by limiting the gravitational field to an invisible thin layer on the user’s skin. This allows for the application of interacting with things by holding on to objects but not flying to your head if you are near a knife.



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