Cars! But with 100 percent more future

The future is almost here with shiny driverless chrome car by Google.


This state of the art technology is one of the key for a more efficient and safe way to transport people inside the city.

But like any good new technology it doesn’t exist in our little country under the rest of the world.

The big vision of  google is to get people around  safely even if they cannot drive. So these are the people who are blind, who are disabled and others who just cannot simply drive because of limitations. This will allow them to be on the move just as easily as anyone else.

The next thing they want to improve is the mortality rate of people driving. According to google over 1.2 million people die to crashes and this can be dramatically reduced because up to 94% is due to human error. Remove the human element, remove the error.


This is a scene from the 2008 Pixar film Wall-E. It depicts a future for humans who became so engrossed in their technology, the technology that is supposed to make their lives easier, that they forget how be humans anymore.

This kind of relationship between the google cars and the movie seems non existent. But I want to point out that if we do keep making technology that seems to make our lives easier we become less human and more of a society dependent on living through technology.

Do not get me wrong, I get stressed if my technology, phone or tablet, is not arms reach of me. I am just stating is this really the future?

Making our lives easier to become more lazy? It sounds good but is this what it means to live today? Tomorrow? Next year? In a century?




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