Waking up next to google


This is the official blog of google and one the thing they mentioned that i became very elated and excited for the future. I want a house that I can talk to, the one i can say “Play Coldplay”, or “Open the lights at 6:30 pm”.

All these things sings to me that the future is here. The fact that it listens to me 100% of the time or it tracks how much food there is in the fridge. I am one of the few who embrace the fact everything is becoming searchable, traceable  and not really care who watches. I follow the idea of if you have nothing to hide then there is no reason to hide anything.

The only downside is that detective shows will become unrelatable in the future when everyone is being tracked and can find the killer in one hour like an actual episode.

But like everything new there is a group that is strongly against the idea of everything being connected. But i understand their concerns, the fear of being hacked, people looking into their things. I have been asking people in my class how they feel about being track. Which fits perfectly because of the theoretical grade of the spimes project in which says that a spime is in part trackable, searchable. They are all afraid of what is incoming in which I see is an inevitable future arriving for us all



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