Creating something greater then them 

In this article it is stated that the robots, AI are a danger to peoples job like many times before. But
Yuval Noah Harari

said that “
AIs do not need more intelligence than humans to transform the job market. They need only enough to do the task well


This is an interesting look in the AI invasion to the job market because this means that, the AI do not have to be the smartest being on earth but just be good enough at a task, better than any human, to make humans obsolete.

This means that the AI invasion is not too far off. We have seen IBM Watson in class demonstrating the skill to naturally beat humans at the game of Jeopardy to humiliation. This future is coming.

Yuval stated that to stay relevant in the workforce, people have to change, learn things again become ever changing. Because the future will come when you become obsolete, to prevent that we have to keep learning new things at an even faster rate, hopefully faster than the way AIs is invading.

Looking at this I see a terrifying future, in which states that, I might not matter in that grand scale of things in 20 years or maybe even less.

People have been asking me what am I doing in uni, and honestly I do not know. I cannot say what I will become after i graduate, but hopefully I find what i want to be and be good in that field to hunger for new techniques or method that will allow me to stay relevant



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