The mostly empty room


The class visited Trish Clark art gallery nearby and it showcased the works of
Alfredo Jaar, a Chilean born artist and filmmaker.

In the art
gallery, like the title says is mostly empty, painted in white. There
was this black and white box that says, OTHER PEOPLE THINK, the title of
the artwork.

even though it was mostly empty, it created an
experience, being empty is not a bad thing. It emphasized the power of
the artwork individually. 


This is one of my favorite work in the gallery titled, Looking for Africa in Life (magazine).

showcases the Life Magazine during the beginning of the Rwanda genocide
until it was actually it was showcased in the cover page of the
magazine. A powerful message that the media only choose to shows very
specific information to the world and they will only show the actual
news and information when it is too late and the world is on fire.

It is the duty of the media to inform us, but when they selectively choose the information to show then what happens.

took after so many published work of life Magazine before they actually
showed one of the most devastating events to happen in recent history.



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