The small bot who can

We had our weekly Friday meeting for the Nao Bot and this was one of the important meetings we had because this actually explained and outlined what we were supposed to be doing, a focusing.

The goal is to research the human robot interactions and to see how a human will develop new ideas when a scenario is changed.

This is such an amazing experience that will have real practical effect, something that will change the world. We were discussing the problems doing a survey for a research and as to be expected it was a long checklist of what is allowed, ethical, culturally acceptable and many more.

Another thing that Ricardo told us is that it is okay if bring our own coding to play around the robot which is pretty cool and i was thinking of making the robot read a book but the resolution is bad but there are ways to get around it. Lastly I will be a be able to say that I played with something worth $14,000.

I want to see robot making impact in peoples life, what is the limit of a robot. Since we are the creator do make it less than us?

What if we have the robots become psychiatrist for kids allow them to feel more included if they don’t trust adults?

We can have robot read famous poems but replace some words to robots instead of people.

There are many cool things to do with a robot.



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