this is my Link to my Research into Re framing questions. From our original topic we tackled the easy problem of overpopulation that is not a wicked problem of any kind. (sarcasm, in case it is not shown in text). 

Big Note: its been a long 2 week. VERY VERY LONG. And even to the last days there were conflicting inputs from teachers to TAs to what is supposed to be on the Prezi document. So maybe we arent Right, just left.

The photos in the link above contains what the team and i did. From planning, to brainstorming, to planning again, to brainstorming, and it went on for a few cycle. As the due date was coming to a close, the team and i met on friday to work out the last few kinks and created the very verbose and unbelievably huge artwork and masterpiece fit for king to show our struggle in researching individual aspects of overpopulation that leads and finds questions about the many hands that overpopulation touches. It is the exploration, re-framing questions, questioning the obvious, looking from different angles that gavebirth to this magnificent Diagram the team Lovingly titled, Rabb Diagram, Roots Above and Branches Below. The three aspect of the name is a long and convoluted team decision that almost cost us our grade as we are getting to focused on the aesthetic side. But we were graciously saved by Ricardo, re-diverting our team to focus on the research and not the looks as this is supposed to be an unfinished document rather than a finished presentation.

personally i was very hesitant at first to move away from our initial idea of a tree based presentation as our base for our presentation (which it is not a presentation) because our teams magnificent and talented artist and drawer worked many nights on a tree diagram while being sick too. But i was reassured that it was okay since it is a talking point for her blog, re framing. Many times we looked at the brief and asked each other what is being asked of us on the prezi document and we found and stuck to a research based prezi and exploring avenues of something that we didnt think about before.

it is nice to be able to talk about closed door that we tried to explore even if it didnt bear to fruition, but it is a point of learning, to reflect.