2017 Begins, well uni anyway

I am super excited and happy to be back as it felt like being away from family for far too long. Of course it is mixed with anticipation and little nervousness sprinkled here and there but it is to be expected.

Back at uni

A photo of my workbench in the year two space combined with the year 3s.

It is the second day of semester, already had a lecture yesterday, synthetic realities. It is a project-based course and one assessment is to make a Rube Goldberg machine in the unity engine and a final assessment to make something where you have a connection with and try to replicate it in Unity. I am a little uneasy because one thing that the lecturer explained is in that the textures can’t  be bought or copied across the internet but handmade or created. But as I am more of a programmer I need to find a more person or team that is more creative than me, that compliments my abilities.

On to what we did

unity cube and pyramid

I made these two object inside the unity engine while my 5 year old laptop is loudly dying with its fan trying its best impression of a jet plane taking off.

making shapes with vector and face coding

So this is how it was coded v being vertices and f being faces. reminds me a bit of Matlab.

As for goals for this semester, one of my main goals is to do more outside things. I was talking to a classmate and they mentioned something called  https://internz.aut.ac.nz/ a website catering to companies, alumni and current student with people trying to match people with potential companies. I guess initially I have been initially unsure what to say to potential companies as I didn’t know what to say but I think I have a better idea now.

Lastly http://www.aut.ac.nz/being-a-student/aut-edge-award it is an AUT award acknowledging students who have done things outside of class with 4 main focus; volunteer, employability, leadership and challenge and reflection. 50 hours of volunteer work, attend 10 workshops, taking charge of something important and lastly a reflection that can take any media to show the university what you have learned and experienced.

That is it for now. There is lots more to be done

Franz Lom