Message Across

hud-blind (1).gif

NOTE: Due to compression issue, the green text is hard to read. It says signal lost. This occurs during the sense swapping.

This is a gif of the basic transition of sense when losing your vision. The screen gets static followed by the text saying signal lost and the echo-location kicks in that’s why we can see the other player, the grey image that shows.

The changes we made is to not have a static snow on the screen all the time because it creates a nauseating experience and an epileptic nightmare.

It is a basic transition because there is a need to explain whats happening quickly and intuitively.

Now the grey image of the other player allows both players to be aware of each other’s position regardless of what sense they have. Potentially the blind character can only detect the other player when they move because they make noises when it walks.

Overall this is a rough draft of what Xavier and I have been discussing happens during the sense swapping. We also agreed that when people want to swap senses they both have to mutually agree to swap sense instead of “stealing” sense off one another, but this can change depending what the rest of the team says, we think this is just the best way to get around it as it might cause an unfavourable experience for one person.



First few design of my final

this was the first evolution of my box project, a layered style connected with pipes, and the box had to be see through. Similar to the 3 D puzzles with a ball and travel around the layers to have a different meaning.

the second idea that project evolved too is a series of box with no pipes but the box are connected within each other. Still follows the similar idea of a ball traveling from box to box.