Prototype 5: A Positive Negative

This is prototype is where i decided to do a 180. Instead of trying to be positive about the bridging of the two kinds of people, i took a lesson from the past. Eunuch, male, sometimes female were removed of their reproductive organs essentially losing a big part of themselves but it didnt stop them from being important or necessity. Specifically in China, depending on the emperor, he turns people into eunuch as a lesser form of the death penalty, prisoners of war, or people who have revolted against him. people are resource and killing people is not productive. This allowed a very specific niche to be filled, mostly regarding the ability to be high servants in the houses of the emperor, in fact eunuchs are used as a form of thank you as the emperor send them to be as gifts or peace offering. They value eunuchs because their inability to touch the wives or concubine of the emperors harem, they will bear no child and therefore will be incredibly unlikely to depose them and create an heir, a line of succession. And the fact that they cant and dont have families which make them excellent on focusing on their work without the baggage of families.

 My prototype is less macabre, but still plays with the idea of how body modification make homeless people desirable by giving them abilities that we would want for a helper. It is still bringing two class of people making them enter the world. The modification involved being smarter, and more powerful. The fine print is that the homeless person couldnt pay for the treatment, and is essentially sponsored by the family that the homeless person will be  serving for 5 years and until then they have serve you. They are not slaves in the traditional term that they are forced to work from day to night, think more in the sense of a butler or maid. They are more favorable to their  employer exercising the idea of friendly but not familiar.

i got people to play the role of a well off person in the year 2076 and see how they would react and view their butler, how will they see them as a person. People treated them like a butler, with making them do menial things. like answering simple problems or opening the door for them

there were many comments on how they appeared, as i have used the image of the homeless person, people wanted to have the person to be cleaned up Others also spoke about what do they want, that they don’t want to force the person to do things unless they want to.

The next prototype is similar to the one above

still about the homeless butler. This time i wanted to test peoples feeling and reaction about the homeless person as a part of the house rather than a server. I asked if they would take the butler with them on vacation, have a live in butler, would open the door for them, if they had the chance to save their server in exchange for a random person who is not homeless.

people were mostly on board with the idea of bringing the server with them to vacation, unanimously agreed on letting the homeless person stay with them as a live in server, split with most of the people willing to open the door, unanimously agree to save their butler.



Prototype 4: Someone said something about a questionnaire?

So the interesting thing about this block is to prototype something that doesnt exist and also said that a questionnaire is a very weak form of gathering data, but it is still something that i thought that would be very beneficial for my process.

This was due to the negative acceptance of having dinner with homeless people for free, “out of the kindness of our hearts’ as many people were not comfortable with the idea of bringing a random person into their home as they were weirded out by it.

  i was testing the idea of how people would react to a transaction or exchange instead of a giving aspect of charity. It preserves the integrity of the homeless to have  job or a meaningful work instead of waiting for hand outs as some people i have interviewed has pointed out and bridges the gap between non homeless people to have an established system that allowed homeless people to work for people with homes in exchange for dinner with the family of the home they have worked in.

Theres a chart from 1 to 10  to express their feeling on how likely they are going to let a homeless person do the chores instead of the person in exchange for dinner

the categories were

General House Cleaning
Car Washing

the main concern for the people is that they want to clean the homeless person first before they enter and about half of the people said that they want them to be clean first before before they arrive and the other half said that they dont mind the person to clean in their house as long as they are clean

For groceries many people were hesitant in allowing a person they did not know what to do because as most have said that  they have always done their groceries and for them it is a chance to buy new things they they forgot or not on their shopping list. most of the people didnt mind that the homeless person do their shopping with an average of 7 and a minority was completely against the idea.

For General house cleaning, there was an almost unanimous decision with the highest point was 4 that they are not willing to let a homeless person clean their homes even if they were cleaned or did a good job. Many comments about the quality of work, how trustful they are and worried about their belongings getting stolen.

For the last one, car was, people were generally inclined to let the homeless person clean their car as people weren’t that worried about it.

many people were surprised in knowing how to pay or reward the homeless people for their service with dinner with them. People commented how strange it is  but will try it, to meet someone new.


Prototype 3: A little late, only a little

So now I have a definitive kind of thing I am trying to test. To bridge the interactions between well-off humans with homeless people. So I began to think about what makes things work together without needing to know each other’s background except for a specific part. I began to look what I do and I play a lot of MOBA, Massive Online Battle Arena Like a game called Dota2. It is an intensive game with lots to learn before you can even begin to start playing. Essentially before the game begins players have essentially an idea of who they are going to play with. People around their own skills and have an idea of how the game works without needing to explain to them how to play the game. It is an interesting idea because when you play a game it doesn’t matter who they are only as long as they can play. This can lead to some very unexpected relationships and bonding.

So for my third prototype, i decided to play with the idea of a game played between a homeless person and a well-off person. I prototyped the game tic-tac-toe

I asked people if they are willing to play this game often, how they reacted when they found out that they were playing with a homeless person were very interesting, some person found it humbling, some people were put off and even apologetic. But all said that it didn’t really matter even if they were homeless but were just caught off guard that they didn’t know who they were playing against. But since we are talking about the future, the game that is to be played in the year 2076, isn’t tic-tac-toe, it is most likely a repeatable game simple to learn but could be complex to master, that is not limited to a screen to screen game. It will be a game that will generate important commodities such as food or blankets during the game. This can be done through the physical motions that convert actions into heat to cook prepared food to be given to the homeless person or a side effect from the actions allows a material object such as a blanket to be made. As a side note, I asked the players and most of them are very likely to give the food that was generated even if they were given the options to keep the food for themselves. Although this was due to the lack of confidence they had for the food being made but in the future all that should not be a problem