Prototype 3: A little late, only a little

So now I have a definitive kind of thing I am trying to test. To bridge the interactions between well-off humans with homeless people. So I began to think about what makes things work together without needing to know each other’s background except for a specific part. I began to look what I do and I play a lot of MOBA, Massive Online Battle Arena Like a game called Dota2. It is an intensive game with lots to learn before you can even begin to start playing. Essentially before the game begins players have essentially an idea of who they are going to play with. People around their own skills and have an idea of how the game works without needing to explain to them how to play the game. It is an interesting idea because when you play a game it doesn’t matter who they are only as long as they can play. This can lead to some very unexpected relationships and bonding.

So for my third prototype, i decided to play with the idea of a game played between a homeless person and a well-off person. I prototyped the game tic-tac-toe

I asked people if they are willing to play this game often, how they reacted when they found out that they were playing with a homeless person were very interesting, some person found it humbling, some people were put off and even apologetic. But all said that it didn’t really matter even if they were homeless but were just caught off guard that they didn’t know who they were playing against. But since we are talking about the future, the game that is to be played in the year 2076, isn’t tic-tac-toe, it is most likely a repeatable game simple to learn but could be complex to master, that is not limited to a screen to screen game. It will be a game that will generate important commodities such as food or blankets during the game. This can be done through the physical motions that convert actions into heat to cook prepared food to be given to the homeless person or a side effect from the actions allows a material object such as a blanket to be made. As a side note, I asked the players and most of them are very likely to give the food that was generated even if they were given the options to keep the food for themselves. Although this was due to the lack of confidence they had for the food being made but in the future all that should not be a problem