The new experimental vs the old Classic

The room with the masterpiece of a Renaissance painter known as Raphael in the Vatican City at Rome.

A Jackson Pollock abstract expressionism titled Number 17A, bought for 200 Million dollars

These are two different class of artwork both regarded as masterpieces by their respective creators.

I am not an art critique but it is in my opinion that I prefer the renaissance work better than the modern one. Because to me it embodies skill and tranquility. Whereas the Jackson Pollock work appears to be someone got a bottle and just dripped it over a canvas.

But the longer I have been in Colab I was told and taught to have a different look in life. To have a much more relaxed but ambitious outlook at life. Especially now I am doing a 3d representation of a time based table which is incredibly abstract. I was actually told my initial idea was not abstract enough.

So slowly i am trying to better myself to being more open minded about the abstract work of Jackson Pollock. Because there is beauty and meaning and fun to be found in the random things, which we were taught in the play part of studio. Yes Raphaels artwork is amazing and magnificent but it does not stop Pollocks work to being magnificent as well.

I just wish someone would buy something off me worth 200 million dollars.