Integrative block 1 Reflection

I got the grade i generally expected to get, although i felt like i did better on my reflection/blogging side than what i got even if the realization were last minute but i thought it was the journey that counted. Another thing that puzzled me a little bit is that the in my feedback, it says that i didnt have any reference in what i based my work upon. But i thought the whole process of this assignment is self exploration and not basing it on previous work? go places where other people havnt gone before?

i really think that i could have done something better on my final even if i thought it already was good enough. There were people telling me that you cant deviate too far from one of your initial drafts or that it has to be the same but each process just takes much longer which i think was incorrect but you tend to think that other people know more, or maybe it is just me. I should be better about standing my own ground and believing in myself some more, which can be difficult.

one thing that i did notice after the fact of my assignment is that i stayed too much in the digital space. All of my initial edits in my work were just photo editing and i thought that i was working very diverse fields at the time but changing one aspect of the photo hue, colour, opacity is not enough to be diverse and my rough sudden physical addition was very sketchy at best, as it rushed as rushed projects could be did in one hour, no POLISH. Polish is the key aspect of an excellent outcome.
i will not make excuses for my work, but i will learn from this. But one can learn only so much until everything one does is a mistake.



This was hiding in my edit space on tumblr and never really posted, so here it is


Real Reflection

So we finished the last studio project, the play one.
in the beginning of year Clint said something about the grades.
put your effort into your work and it will show

and i believe that i didnt do that.

I didnt commit enough effort and time to this project.

and it shows.

the quality, the amount of frequent post is no where near the level i want it to be and the level it is expected of me. even the quality of my final prject is not what i want it to be.

so this is a hard reset.
i will do things similarly to my works earlier in the year/semester.