The value and importance of ideas coming together. Integration

This is a reflection on my assignment. First of all i am incredibly proud of my work. I personally felt i took a risk, from what i chose to focus on. I have 5 incredibly academic book, physics, applied discrete math, Eureka discoveries, dictionary and virtual reality book. I could have chosen to focus on the math aspect, i could have picked about the technical aspect of all the book the fact that each book holds incredible amount of technical university level of knowledge. And i guarantee that i was pretty close to going that route, but one fateful lecture, the lecturers said something about be crazy, be stupid, be wild, be out there, be less serious. And that is what i did. I took an incredibly serious topic and focus on what the are not about. And maybe this is a mistake, maybe i am being foolish in thinking that i can make something out of nothing. But i had fun. I made something that no one really thought of. It might be shallow, but it is funny. and i had fun making it.

there was something fun in trying to combine things that doesnt seem possible. Or going a different way, because people have already gone that way. to be unique is to forge your own path and it is something i am slowly learning from my time hear. And now i get the idea of playful methods ( a previous topic i tacked back at semester 1 2016) and it finally clicked. It didnt have to be a game to be playful or fun. Its the process. And it am having so much fun from all the topics i am facing currently. from studio 2 assignment to this assignment which apparently an opinion that is shared most of the class. 

And now i am slowly appreciating what it really means to be not so directed. And from what i hear from the people in the year above me is that there is even less rules and direction, you make your own, you asses your own self and understand what is being asked and make something that will allows you to be different. Dont make a game for the sake of it being fun  and it being a game. Make a game because fundamentally criticizes why do schools need to be 5 days a week, or something that ask as deeper question. something that invokes emotion from the audience that they didnt really think before. That is what it means to be unique, that what it means to stand out. Think differently from the people around you. thats what going to make the difference between two people with the same topic. The underlying question of why, why are you doing it. This is why i am enjoying semester two so much more. Maybe it have not clicked all the way but somehow i am putting the pieces together. It is a journey and i cannot say that i have everything now but somehow, the little things around me are slowly falling into place.

truth be told i didnt read the dictionary as it is a reference book, but a book nonetheless and the other four books i “read”. There is something i learned in this topic. Since these books are not fictional novels, i found a technique in how to extract information without completely reading the entire thing. These were the things that the lecturers were talking about. to be able to get the idea of the book while saving time as reading five or more books in the span of two weeks is difficult, well difficult for me.Then i device a method in brainstorming what i think the books are going to be about for each of the five books and found the similarities across the books. then read the part in the books that i think where all the 5 books intersect. For example, the idea of revolutions. The eureka book talked about the finding of oil, that powered the industrial revolutions, in the physics book, Einsteins theory of special relativity rocked the scientific community at the time and explained the relationship of space and time to be the same thing. The dictionary says that Revolution, The act or process of rotating or revolving. A single rotation or turn. A complete change , such as that caused by the overthrow of a government or a political system. The virtual reality book is written back in the 90s, which first of all i didnt expect people where already tackling around the idea of virtual reality. and it talked about the idea of seeing people through the internet as a person. and all of these books tackled the idea of revolution. And this was the idea that i almost picked if not for the fact that the lecturer talked about being fun and be less serious. I also saw the benefit of putting them together. because the lecturers dont care how any of the books connect, but they care in your methods, in how you came up with your outcome, why not another? Why this? And personally i think this is what i am paying for. The ability to think differently from the people around me, to refocus or realign problems to my strength, to create a true outcome, not a solution. Maybe, in the future it is what it is all about, the ability to bring things together, from the most obscure to the obvious. And maybe that is what made Steve Jobs great. He combined a computer, and a phone in a way that outshone his competitors. Apple is not unique to the computer cellphone but they are the one the popularized and formulated a  way to instill to consumers that they had to change phones with every new iterations.  

In the end i am happy i took the risk because i think this is what it really means to stand out. even if it is scary, because i dont know how the lecturers will react. Maybe i will get a bad grade, maybe i did the correct thing because i did my own thing instead of following someones idea of what A plus would look like. But my method of listening to the people around me, finding what made me laugh and finding out my inspirations and the formulating my own conclusion, my own final outcome allowed me to be different, to be unique, to standout.