Other things that other people made

These are some of the videos that I really enjoy

This video is created by College Humor and they took the idea that everything around you kills you. They explained their video through drawing and used the alphabet as their flow.

The photo of the narator skeleton man in the suit which I personally felt like the artist representation of the character Death. But his costume is a suit which makes him less scary than the traditional depiction of death, with the scythe, hood and floating and all.

Credit to Anne Stokes http://www.annestokes.com

Looking at this video, it had a cartoony feel or comic strip feel and a satirical feel. Since it is taking a serious topic like death and the cause of death and making a show out of it that doesn’t look or feel scary but it should really. Comics or cartoons had to tell stories in about 3 panels or more and usually tackle ironic and sometimes satirical situations and it can be felt in this video. The resemblance comes from the crosshatch drawing technique and like the image below. (see pants)


The narrator, Death (hence fourth will be affectionately called), is speaking in a calm clear manner in which would put one at ease. No high tones, no loudness or quietness in Deaths voice. We are further removed from the seriousness of the topic as his pacing is not erratic and his pronunciation of his words sounds mischievous or Death is having fun explaining a classicly depressing or morbid topic that most people would prefer to avoid in common conversation for fear of “bringing down the mood”. But in this case, the duality of someone speaking like their having fun with a serious topic creates an uneasy outcome that is determined to each listener.

If one listens closely enough, one can hear the very faint background music it is very Disney-esque, the horn, the violin and snare drum creates a very safe or child-friendly scenario but as it is thoroughly explained this is far from child-friendly.

The foley work also adds the effect of the lack of seriousness because it uses chimes and other foley work you expect to see in a children’s show

Here are the following panels for the letter A and B



This is how the majority of the video goes going from A all the way to Z.

The person here attempting to drink beer and water is supposed to be us, the audience sharing the same feeling that everything we do something recreational like alcohol and drinking water from a plastic bottle is already hazardous which already sets the tone for the rest of the alphabet.

As the video progress, the main character is getting more annoyed and slowly getting defeated which mirrors our feelings as they keep explaining how dangerous everything and anything is as one of his last action is to crawl in what seemingly a very defensible bunker/tube but deaths final words is that “No matter what you do, you are still going to die.” Which is seen in the characters face which mirrors should mirror our face showing no matter what we do in the end it doesn’t matter even if we protect ourselves with all the other things in the rest of the video.


But his friendly tone is not decreasing, it keeps a steady pace like the slow marching of time. Not too exciting but every now again it catches us off guard or which could be seen as correlation to life itself.

I’m just happy I live in a life that it is easier to not die than die as compared to life over 100 years ago and older were to some extremes the oldest most people get was about 30.