Something something darkside

The team I formed for this final block for speculative design is the same for most of my project during the year.

Personally, this block was incredibly intimidating, and frankly scary, as this block focused on speculative design and focused on iterative process for picking, choosing, finalising and improving, rinse, repeat. and one of the more important things about of this process is the emphasis on creating basic thing such as sketching.

we began individually picking things we found interesting personally, I chose cooking, the art of food in the future, or not future, depending on which lecturer I am talking too. I then refined this  to the fascinating idea of a… idealistic future goo that will appease to people’s taste buds to create a flavour that they desire the most. So all food will be nutritious  and taste what they want it to be. Don’t like broccoli? Taste like chicken? A casual vegetarian? we can’t help you there. Don’t like onions? Don’t become a filthy casual. Endless solutions

then i got together with my team and brought our areas of interest together, post-human form, astronomy, architecture, hard core parkour and lastly the great experience that is food. 

we brainstormed our categories and made those forced joined categories and tried to come up with something that connects 2 or more categories. We got to the point where we want to grow food on people. on their body carrots growing on your leg. yeah wild night.

we left it for a couple of weeks because according to the chart that one of our lecturers gave us we were still in our f**k off period in our timeline. during this time we split and gave each of us a task to draw what we think is the strongest candidate to pursue. Low and behold, tell 4 former art students to come up with concept drawing and I can safely tell you there is nothing more to make you feel inadequate when you draw an equivalent of a 4-yearn old with no hands. Some going for the perspective, most people with the sketching, and some for the colourful side, it is hard for me to when I only see colour in black and white and don’t trust myself with colour like you don’t trust a 14 year old with a pen lisence.

so i got smoked in the drawing not really drawing competitions, i didnt mind my food concept really didnt go anywhere and the others had much more compelling arguments for their selections.

we the focused on parkour aspect mixed with post-human form initially to focus our efforts to create a thing that allowed us to walk on walls.

some of the sketches from my teams which are clearly not mine ( thanks for carrying me)

There seems to be a great deal of debate on the question why. Some say that what the lecturers want, is the absurdity, something out there and making it look like it works in a format of a video photo camera trick whatever and the other side is torn on the idea of being ground in reality, going the route of not crunching any numbers but basing choices on sound science such as gravity and mixing things with science fiction to make it semi-believable rather than outright lie or from a science fiction imagination.

interesting conversation with one of the TA today, it wasn’t really part of this course but he gave insightful input, he said why does it have that thing there. or whats its purpose. For something to be only explained as funny or just is, is not really a design method and funnily is incredibly subjective, one man’s funny is another man or woman or the other 9000 words to describes someone gender, identity or whatever’s social justice warrior. For example, why does a mug doesn’t have two handles? Because it is incredibly counter-intuitive to drink something with two hands, rather than one hand. essentially his point is, whenever there is a product like a mug, what makes it desirable? what makes it like that? Why not 3 triangles sticking out of it? What makes a mug different to the next mug? They all have an essence that by just looking at it, we know what it is.  the combination of feasibility, desirability and cost

what is the purpose of putting it there?