My final project for studio comes from my play project, the idea of blacking out. Now I am using this idea of black out and extending it from my original assignment to extend to the view of the world rather than literature.

The main focus of my item is that we do not see everything at once and cannot see everything at once, we will always have a point of view of the world and there will always be opposing views.

this is one of my initial drawings shows a cube, and each side of the wall was a property of humanity. The way this object works is you peer into the hole that is cut on one of the wall and look into the cube and depending where you are looking, the thing you see will be different each side of the wall. This is to reinforce the idea that you do not see everything. If you look through the education wall, you can see most of the room. you can see money and love and poverty. But if you look through the poverty wall you cant see education but see love etc.

The other drawing is me exploring a possibility of stacked blocks.