Here again is the set of books that i am going to use for my project.

virtual Reality theory, practice and promise.
edited by Sandra K. Helsel and Judith Paris Roth

Fundamental Physics
Jay Orear

Eureka! Discoveries
Claire Llewellyn

Applied Analysis
Takasaki Senba and Takashi Suzuki

The Reed Pocket Dictionary of New Zealand English
Robert Oxford-Webster-Cambridge

Lecturers said to go crazy and be fun. Be less serious. Be curious. Do strange stuff.

A photo from my evernote of the connection distance

From looking at these books there is a connection based on distance. Eureka is in the middle because it is the the four other books connect to it. It is the book about inventions through out the decades. Physics is a bit closer than applied math to the discovery book because i think most of the discovery in this book were more physics based stuff which does involve Math but some things like Archimedes displacing water is all physics. And Discrete math particular developed later. The Virtual reality book were the same distance from math and physics and more closer to the eureka book compared to the other books because it is the most recent invention among these books compared to the rest of the literature.

Lastly the dictionary. why the dictionary you might ask? It is a book. People dont really think of it. The biggest connection is that all of them are written in English language. Not complicated enough? I am taking a creative stance on sticking with this.

Next part is why does the existing connection have to be the only connections? like why fundamental physics and applied analysis connection has to be only Linear partial Differential equations to explain heat equation through radiation of heat diffusion. because i think its been done before, it exist. How about looking at the book cover and notice that Eureka, Fundamental Physics and applied analysis all have hard covers. that is a connection that no one would dare to make. Is it weird, yes. Is it strange enough that the reason no one has done it is because it is stupid? maybe. But they said be creative and fun. Be different. So now the dictionary and  virtual reality is connected just because they are dont have hard back. How about colour shcemes? fundamental physics, virtual reality and eureka have the orange/red with black theme and the dictionary and applied math are both blue and they are connected that way. There is also a connection that all the books have have the word, ‘Will’ in the book. Will the name or where there is a will there is a way, none of it matters as long as there is a will. Other words include, i was there, in, out and many others. There are many way to connect books not because of their content, but the superficial things. the arbitrary things. Does it make it stupid or weird? Why does it have to be stupid or weird. No one really thinks of connecting things like that. They will connect them because of an underlying theme that holds the books together. Or a colour is the symbolizing theme of freedom. But why does it to be like that. Not everyone reads the books that people are getting. No one here is a mathematical genius, if they are they would be doing math.

I think it doesnt have to be the content. Let it be the superficial things and let it flow. Let it be that the connection of the two books be that they have the same page number. Or that they are same size. Because the books that i got are no doubt have been read before in this combination maybe save for the virtual reality book. But math, innovation, physics and dictionary are all used in the field of discovery and research. Even virtual reality is discovery. I want to move away from the obvious connection, to even the subtle ones and use the superficial and arbitrary connections.