Prototype 5: A Positive Negative

This is prototype is where i decided to do a 180. Instead of trying to be positive about the bridging of the two kinds of people, i took a lesson from the past. Eunuch, male, sometimes female were removed of their reproductive organs essentially losing a big part of themselves but it didnt stop them from being important or necessity. Specifically in China, depending on the emperor, he turns people into eunuch as a lesser form of the death penalty, prisoners of war, or people who have revolted against him. people are resource and killing people is not productive. This allowed a very specific niche to be filled, mostly regarding the ability to be high servants in the houses of the emperor, in fact eunuchs are used as a form of thank you as the emperor send them to be as gifts or peace offering. They value eunuchs because their inability to touch the wives or concubine of the emperors harem, they will bear no child and therefore will be incredibly unlikely to depose them and create an heir, a line of succession. And the fact that they cant and dont have families which make them excellent on focusing on their work without the baggage of families.

 My prototype is less macabre, but still plays with the idea of how body modification make homeless people desirable by giving them abilities that we would want for a helper. It is still bringing two class of people making them enter the world. The modification involved being smarter, and more powerful. The fine print is that the homeless person couldnt pay for the treatment, and is essentially sponsored by the family that the homeless person will be  serving for 5 years and until then they have serve you. They are not slaves in the traditional term that they are forced to work from day to night, think more in the sense of a butler or maid. They are more favorable to their  employer exercising the idea of friendly but not familiar.

i got people to play the role of a well off person in the year 2076 and see how they would react and view their butler, how will they see them as a person. People treated them like a butler, with making them do menial things. like answering simple problems or opening the door for them

there were many comments on how they appeared, as i have used the image of the homeless person, people wanted to have the person to be cleaned up Others also spoke about what do they want, that they don’t want to force the person to do things unless they want to.

The next prototype is similar to the one above

still about the homeless butler. This time i wanted to test peoples feeling and reaction about the homeless person as a part of the house rather than a server. I asked if they would take the butler with them on vacation, have a live in butler, would open the door for them, if they had the chance to save their server in exchange for a random person who is not homeless.

people were mostly on board with the idea of bringing the server with them to vacation, unanimously agreed on letting the homeless person stay with them as a live in server, split with most of the people willing to open the door, unanimously agree to save their butler.



My (Almost) Final Project
Titled: The Tiny Strings That Hold Us.


I took an old TV case and opened it and remove the inside, placed a brown cardboard as the floor, cut the side to show a window. And the furniture is made up with a metal wire that I bent around, but the thing is all the metal are connected, hence the title. A PAIN to bend all of the things to its current state.

The webs are made of glue gun, and the dirt are just some left over shavings from the cutting of the walls

And lastly it is not there yet i am planning to use eggs to represent my people.

The process of our grand design

It has been a long and arduous journey coming up with the idea of something is said to be magnificent and brilliant in its concept, but is also said to contain too much ingredient and not enough abstract ideas incorporated. Essentially it is not complex enough, I am spelling the image too much, and lastly not minimalist enough.

Which is the biggest problem for me. Minimalist creation is something I view to mean that not enough thought or idea or effort went into making something, which I have been graciously taught by the Mighty Sarah and the always terrifying Antonio.

Their guidance led me to looking up the design the process, which emphasizes the idea of improving. You do not make one thing and then say you are done. You make something, then improve on that and see where it takes you. Where it will change your idea about the problem. 

Hopefully I made my Object abstract enough to convey the correct idea I want to show.