It is slowly clicking

A reflection of Studio block 2 assignment

I am going to start of by saying i am absolutely enjoying i am doing so far, it is certain feeling when something starts clicking. It is all the stuff we are doing semester. I am slowly getting why we are getting so much freedom, why we doing what we are doing. It is all for the sake the process. It is what we are going to do in the future. We can be doing audio, a game, art but it all boils down to the process. Why did you do this, why that colour. That is the underlying skill we are getting taught in Colab. The fact we are doing “strange/weird” is something i am begging to appreciate because the fact that we think its weird or strange is a testament to the way think. So we have change it. The music assignment is not weird because it is a shock treatment to do something different. Think different, be different.

So this assignment in particular i wanted to analyse what is being asked of me. So the photo above is a list that i written influenced of my Integration assignment as i got a dictionary. The photo shows that the brief and the definition of words that i really didnt know. Proposal, consideration, speculative and conjecture. This really helped me to focus my efforts in what i wanted to make. This gave me a path to follow to my final outcomes.

Another thing is that for this assignment, instead of submitting a boring word text file, i made some sort of (terrible) infographics. Its a lot nice to look at instead of just a plain file. I decided to do this, because in part of what i mentioned above about standing out. There is nothing different from my text file, i made a power point and made some box and made it more pleasant to look at.

Just some of the little things i am trying to do to be different and think differently and standout