Trying to condense three weeks worth (plus two weeks of holiday not holiday) of work of Play

Reading plays a big part in our lives but like any information we receive it can get too much.

This might seem like a tangent but one of the best public speaker in my opinion is the great recent Steve Jobs. i personally believe that he revolutionized the industry of mobile phones of phones and music. There is one philosophy  that i really want to adopt into my work and presentation and life, and that is to keep it incredibly simple. when you watched his Key Notes for his introduction to the iPod to the iPhone to the iPad, many people an army of people said it is a gimmick it is something we dont need and he is nailing the final nail of a dying company. But if that gimmick sells then who is the bigger fool?

getting back to me blacking out seems to be a perfect fit because Steve Jobs proved people what simple things for complicated people, not the other way around. Black out is great because it takes a big big big existing material like a newspaper about fracking or a dam or some president prime minister that is about 30000 words long. after the first paragraph a person will already decide if what they are reading is worth their time.

not to burst any and amazing writers out their but long format articles but kids to young adults are not reading that. as their life is filled with ever changing surrounding with lightning speed they want quick information. they want to know that fracking is bad because this that and this. Boom done. no 30000 word article. and as a performer and presenter i dont want to bore the audience. keep them interested. in the first 5 seconds make sure that want to listen for the rest of 1:55 minutes

okay this time really back to the main point.

black out is interesting because first of all it is visually appealing and creates intrigue. you see a page mostly blacked out and wondering what it means what its purpose. The information you are presenting is very minimal and therefore is very quick to read process and understand and move on.


still continued. who ever is going to mark this is going to have a field day haha.