The Car Ride

I would like evaluate my Journey so far in Creative Technology. If i were to use an analogy and all the things my lecturers have told me so far, being in Creative Technologies feels a lot like a car ride and the car could be anything you want.

At the first day you meet the car, you get to know it a little and go for a three year drive. And that trip can take you anywhere. You can stall your car and beĀ  parked on the side of the road. You can be driving as fast as everyone and staying the same or you could be the one, unique one speeding ahead of everyone.

You see I am seeing something in this course, everyone who will graduate in Creative Technology will be graduating with the same degree but we will all do different things. The car ride will take us to different places and not at the same end goal.

It will be bumpy journey and getting the degree is not the end of the car ride. But the one thing I love is that i am starting somewhere. Many people especially young people who are entering university is that they do not know where to start. And that is nice that I am doing something I want and not necessarily something I have to do.