Movie Disaster about disaster movie making

The mistake i have committed making this movie is probably writing the script really early in the process. and it stopped the creative flow of the entire team because the plot and story is laid down. It can be edited but not much. and I think that really hurt that team.

That being said i am personally looking back at the idea generating process during the first week of semester.

these are the things we did and i am looking at them thoroughly. The images on this folder contain two pages. the before and after of the how probable a scenario vs how likely the scenario is. We then have come up with our scenarios no matter how random, improbable or just how stupid it is.

then we to rearrange them on the graph and talk among the team to see where to place them and it helped us as a team to really identify what we think is likely and important.

the page with the writing and ticks is the page that we narrowed even more. The probable events that were on the graph were combined together to make scenarios and then we wrote them down.  we narrowed to 12 then narrowed down even more.

and after this i began writing the script when we didnt even finalize or further mould the idea.

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