Table that we could not eat on

So after being barraged by insane amount of data, I found a data that had some clear differences.

The problem lies that it very hard to look at lines and lines of similar numbers with different year taken. In my opinion its not even the cool data.

But since I am in colab, we take something boring and make it magnificent which i have no problem but is just hard to trudge through the data.

Another problem lies in that the data are very similar, or the ones i saw anyone, the one that had clear differences is in table 6.1 and 6.2, the one about house work childcare and buying groceries. The one i saw that had clear difference between the two different years when they were taken so it is the one I choose.

Another problem that bothers me is that yes it does have the clear differences but it seems generic. Like i said there are not many other data sets therefore the likeliness of other people using the same data is high, which makes me think that my work we will be one of the many. But it will have to do.