The day after the performance, it was interesting experience.
Playing obscure “instruments” emphasising instrument heavily.

It was fun but like everything there were a few that stood above rest. Garion and sams group.

Lots to learn from that performance like what sound and music mean. Noise vs rhythm batman vs superman…

There was little disappointment or regret that or projected program couldn’t be seen and the lights broke half way through the performance…

Better news, this is our musical score for truth or denim. Liked it. It’s a ten sided shape and each side represent 30 second and we wrote our parts inside and outside the shape
Shout out rip Alana for making the agonizing score couldn’t. It without you

On to play!



so this is my final instrument with our 10 sided visual score. and i have to say its a good instrument, 2 hammer sounding base wood, metal sheet, and thin wood combine to make a decent combinations of sounds.

but the problem lies in the combinations of instrument  and or what Clint wants and what he shows in class. The things he shows in class are so abstract they have no rhythm just sound. so what is the line of what Clint wants  and what sounds like music. and now i am conflicted

my group also had a 5 minute run through of our instrument and we cant anything say but it as just sad and depressing. our string instrument doesnt sound like a guitar and we trying to go for a slow approach to reach a sound based performance rather than a rhythm based performance.

maybe it is what Clint wants but who knows.

just want to get through the performance. if Only i can talk for 5 minutes instead ha