Final prototype

this is the final design that I went with for my final project.
It is four boxes that are connected with clear see through pipes. One of the leading ideas is that two of the four boxes is upside down. It is also prompts or intuitively tells people to flip the object which draws on the genuine curiosity of people, to seek new knowledge, to find what is on the other side.

The four boxes contain different ideas of what I think are the cornerstone of society. Love/Relationship which I associate with the colour red. Famine/poverty, yellow. Knowledge/Education, blue. Lastly wealth/greed/success with the colour green. Now this is one of the most important part of my project, that I put wealth greed and success in the same box with the colour green. Like many old sayings green with envy, green is the colour of (American) money, they all relate to success, to money, to seek something more than what you have to be greedy.

There is always greed in society, in business, in school, in academics, in family in government in everything we take part of. Many people say they are looking out for the environment, are recycled or recyclable or just researching to make our lives better. All of these are are a transformed idea of the same thing. And that all the other boxes is connected to the green box.