Photo for Days!

series of photos  that show our installtion in the progress, final output and the text that we had to support our installations!


Big feet and round around you

for the next part we focused on the wall climbing aspect of our initial ideas. Personally I really want this because the ability to climb walls or hang on walls allows us to save space in houses. there are a lot of space that isn’t just used because we cant access it, for example the ceiling which we can use for some extra stuff

but enough about what i like

this is a zorb like ball that the user can be in and like a gyroscopic ball the insides don’t move but the outside has suctions and the ability to roll up the building and will have gaps, hence the mesh like outer feature, that allows the user to interact with the world outside the ball

the next is a combination of a hat and suction boots. It is one of the main concern of some of the members of the team is that if you are running or walking up the wall, the pivot of of your weight will be on on your ankles and will cause it to snap or break as it wasn’t design to hold stress like that

so the team and I came up with the idea that should allow us to get pass this, a self contained force that makes the 9.8ms^-2 apply as the wall as ground. To make this possible we combined the the hat to generate a field of sorts that arcs around to the suction boots. and yes at the bottom of the boots is made of a large suction cup that will connect and make contact with the ground as extra support.