ITS – What does interactive mean to me?

asdBefore seeing how other artist interpret the word interactive, I want to say what i think interactive means, at least in my head.

Interactive to me is when the audience, artist, animal has a level of action with each other or to an object. But something is interesting, because there is level of intent. What mattes the most in an artwork or interpretation, the audiences interpretation or what the artist intended the artwork to be. I believe everything can be interactive as I came to remember this video from my childhood.

They visit a museum of sorts and sees display and therefore not supposed to be interacted, just viewed. but Patrick touches the display anyway, to Patrick its interactive even only by touch as there is interaction bu the police fish doesn’t see it as display but also an object that has to be touched, be interacted.

So anything and everything can interactive, as long there is intent somewhere.


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