Form of storytelling to be shared

One major component of our final product is to have some sort of story to be the central focus of the discussion with the theme of sharing and being within groups.

Story vs parable.

Story : noun – “… story is a sequence… a sequence of real or fictional events; or an account of suck a sequence…”

Parable : noun – “… parable is a short narrative illustrating a lesson (usually religious/moral)”

Parables are usually used as analogy to focus to the lesson that is present in the parable. Another key feature of a parable is that is short. Even though it is still up for debate, some say it can be as short as 8 seconds but can vary from people to people. Which can be a problem for our final project because we need the users to pay attention to the story as it needs to be discussed. So we made it a point that our stories not too long, nothing over a minute.

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