Mic Sensitivity


I would use APA but it is just a discussion forum for electronics and people have vetted each others answer so I trust it enough to a certain degree.

The biggest problem smartphone microphones is that it has automatic gain control, active noise cancellation and other processing functions that having a mic sensitivity spec useless.

It also doesn’t help that there are large variation from phone to phone even in the same model  because that level of isn’t required for the normal use of a smart phone and could have up to 6dB of variance between them. Even if a phone’s microphone is run with test to determine the values want could potentially not have a uniform data set or consistent.

There are also difference in speaker mode, camera and video mode for the input signal.

Although all these things are not that important to our project, sensitivity of the mic is important in determining how loud or quiet a person when they are talking. It is for the best to use an external microphone with 360 capabilities to determine the location of people talking


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