The project

At this point, we haven’t even named it yet but as the story goes…

It is a mobile app constructed in It can be played with two or more people. As a team building app, it is designed for more than one person.


This is the what the “gameplay”. The phone will be between 2 or more people and will be voice There will be a token in the middle and it will travel around the grid depending how loud the person talking will be. The longer the person is talking the longer the coin and there will be some sort of signal showing. The longer the worse as we want to promote teamwork, we want to control the flow of dominant personalities in conversation preventing other people from contributing.

This dominant personality hypothesis is what we observed in the year ones and what Ricardo Sosa (a lecturer) is trying to control. Because it limits the creative flow or output of a team if only one person is talking.

depending on the type of conversation, correct conditions can change


This is good for a discussion is good because everyone is participating. Lets say high oscillation between people is a good condition to achieve.

but if it is presenting ideas, high oscillation isn’t good because it means the person is being constantly interrupted.

One of the interesting thing that we found out during our interview with the year ones are



(for the questionnaire we picked one person from each table in year one for diversity)

are the very close split between having a leader or not a leader in a group.People are very split on the idea of a leader in a group. people say that its good to have someone in control but other people suggest that it’s not a good idea due to controlling nature.

This is my personal insight into the matter, I felt like the dominant personality are highly pointing to the idea that there shouldn’t be a leader and the more reserve or introvert type of people are more willing to promote the idea of a leader. I think this is due to the fact that reserved or introvert type people much rather have someone lead them forward as unsure of the future they are themselves, it is easier to look ahead and see someone.

Dominant personalities have, what I think, is a false idea of no leadership in a group. Everyone should be part of the team discussion etc. But I believe that they fail to recognize that they themselves trying to push people inadvertently cause discomfort and leads to basic or budget ideas that force reserved people to say something incredibly basic or uncreative to make the dominant personality ( who is pretty much playing a leader) would move on as fast as possible.

Our project minimize the stress and makes sure that everyone is giving a fair chance of speaking, without pressure and make everyone aware of what is happening with visual queues and make people self-aware of their actions withing the group

Another part is the narrative.

In the project, the phone will read a story pertaining to either teamwork or leadership. There will be roughly a minute long story, something like a story with meaning, parable, and to be discussed in roughly a 3-4 minutes and the phone will record the sound and based on the loudness of the people talking that is where the marker will go.

Lastly BCT.

The spirit of BCT is embodied within its freedom, creativity, and exploratory nature. These are the building blocks on what a good creative technology is. We and I have a feeling that most, feels that creative technology as a degree feels like a gamble, it feels very detached from common degrees post highschool. It feels strange and almost seems like a joke, especially the first year.

We want to help chanel these jitters as part of my project is about discussion and exploring the narrative, something existing.

.With a score like system it allows people the evaluate themselves as a team, visually see what is the conversation flow, what needs to be addressed in terms of team meetings and what needs improvements.




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